Timing + Dental Implants

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Which Should Be Done First: Braces or a Tooth Implant?

I need to get a tooth implant. I also need braces. Which should be done first? Or does it matter? Appreciate your help, I am "so confused". READ MORE

How Long Can I Wait Before Getting a Dental Implant?

I need to extract a tooth as soon as possible due to infection. I would like to know how long I can wait to get an implant. I need to extract the... READ MORE

Is It O.K. to Do a Dental Implant on a 17 Year Old Boy?

My 17 yo son was recently diagnosed with an external resorption of tooth #8 (idiopathic, no known hx of trauma). His dentist, peridontist, and recent... READ MORE

Braces Before Molar Dental Implant?

Hi, I have two lower first molar taken out, I need to get braces to correct severe overjet/overbite issue. Do I need the braces first or dental... READ MORE

Recovery After 9 bottom Teeth Pulled at Once?

Just had 9 bottom teeth pulled with replacement dentures placed same day how long is recovery READ MORE

What are my options for a #19 tooth extraction and how long do I have to do something? (photo)

I recently had #19 extracted. I am not sure what to do. I definitely do not want a titanium implant and would lean towards a zirconian but am not... READ MORE

Can I Get an Implant and Wait for the Crown Until I Straighten my Teeth?

I was wondering if I could get an implant and then have braces put on. Once my teeth would straighten I could get the final crown. The implant would... READ MORE

Do I Need to Get All Implants Done at the Same Time in Order to Have a Removable Denture?

Can i do 2 on top left side then come back in 3 months and do 2 on the top right side and still be able to get removable denture. READ MORE

How long do I have to wait to replace the failed implant?

I got an implant on 42 back in September. In November, the implant was still a little loose so the implantologist "tightened" it in hopes that it... READ MORE

Is it safe to leave a wobbly crown for doing braces for more than a year before implant?

The crown on my front upper tooth became wobbly after I bit into something hard. My dentist said there is not much tooth left to hold a new crown so... READ MORE

How long is to long to get an implant supported denture after your remaining natural teeth are extracted?

I have 6 bottom teeth left on the bottom, one tooth is supposedly dead, 2 dentists recommended, that I have them extracted and get dentures, once I... READ MORE

Need advice regarding getting a dental implant prior to braces and lower jaw advancement surgery (Photo)

Hello All, I have a dramatic overbite and overjet. I've been to several orthos and they have all recommended surgery for my case but I also need one... READ MORE

Should a Person Get Permanent Teeth Implanted Before Face Lift or Doesn't It Matter?

Plastic Surgeons probably know what I mean. Actor Tony Curtis promotes it: instead of dentures that a person can remove, they implant permanent teeth.... READ MORE

What is my Next Step? (photo)

I have several cavities and need braces and implants. I am having the last bad tooth on the bottom left side removed tomorrow. I only eat on that side... READ MORE

How long can i wait to put the implants in after I did the bone graft for my four front teeth ?

Last time I did the bone graft for my four front teeth. Then I waited for seven months to put the implants in. But the doctor told me that my bone... READ MORE

I had 2 upper dental implants done successfully, but now I can't afford to have them crowned. (Photo)

How long can I wait to get them crowned and what are the repercussions if they are never crowned? Thank you. READ MORE

Should Third Teeth Be Implanted Before a Facelift?

Let's say, a person wants to ditch her dentures and wants teeth implanted, should she do this before the facelift or does that not matter? READ MORE

Lack of molars leads to bone loss and possible disfigurement? How long can I wait for an implant on #15?

I had a root canal done on #14 recently and was going to have the crown prep, but kept having pain. It turns out #15 also needed a root canal. The... READ MORE

After having a tooth extracted, is it okay to wait a full year before putting in an implant?

The tooth needs to come out, but I cant afford the implant, I will need to save up for it. READ MORE

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