Swollen + Dental Implants

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Can You Get an Infection Under Your Teeth Implants?

I had 2 implants placed in the back of my mouth about 4 years ago. I have been noticing when I floss or touch the inside of my gums, it is very... READ MORE

9 Dental Implants, Root Amputation, but Crown of Tooth Remain. Cannot Eat, Brash, Still in Pain. 13 Days Now?

I still cannot eat, only milk, cottage cheese - that is about it. Very exsosted, worn-out, week. Still in pain, but less then before. I'm 81 years old... READ MORE

How Much for Dental Implants?

Im suffering from some broken and decayed teeth. im in alot of pain and a swollen face. would it be better to just have my teeth pulled and what would... READ MORE

Can a dental implant get infected after 4 years?

I have a gum infection above my dental implant which i had 4 years ago,i have no pain but redness and swollen gum with white liquid oozing out.please... READ MORE

Recently had remaining teeth pulled for dentures, had one front implant left in now gums around it swollen and hurt? (photo)

My gums look hideous like the eye tooth gum was ripped and now sinus drainage a lot! What do I do? Who do I see? Is this something that can be filed... READ MORE

When will my dental implant heal? The crown/implant (#9) is closer to #8 now and out of occlusion (Photo)

Pain is manageable. I do have a big clump of gum tissue in between that is swollen and looks pretty bad. Will that go down on its own and heal and... READ MORE

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