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Which Should Be Done First: Braces or a Tooth Implant?

I need to get a tooth implant. I also need braces. Which should be done first? Or does it matter? Appreciate your help, I am "so confused". READ MORE

Replacing a Crooked Tooth Instead of Wearing Braces for Years?

Is this a possibility? According to my dentist my teeth are nearly perfect except for one... my upper left front tooth. There is no gap however it's... READ MORE

Dental Implant After Braces?

Dear Doctor,I am Albana and I have had braces now for 9 months and I have to keep the braces for 3 more months. At this time my doctor wants to do an... READ MORE

Can I Get an Implant and Wait for the Crown Until I Straighten my Teeth?

I was wondering if I could get an implant and then have braces put on. Once my teeth would straighten I could get the final crown. The implant would... READ MORE

Is a cemented fixed bridge my only option for a ok teeth?

Ive had bad teeth all my life recently i got a bottom tooth pulled because it was loose due to bone loss i had a deep cleaning done and dentist said... READ MORE

Waiting for Dental Implant Site to Heal, Should I Get Braces or Can I Get Invisalign?

The tooth is located in the aesthetic zone. I also have some temporaries. I would like to straighten teeth before having the implant inserted. My... READ MORE

What is better & safer - implanting screw or braces - to straighten the second molars?

I am 16 year old. my upper second molars are not coming out straight in ideal way, instead they tilted or inclined. i have been recommended to go for... READ MORE

Would dental implants or closing the gaps be recommended? What would be the treatment if I chose to use implants?

I am 17. I lost both first molars on the bottom about 2 years ago. Both first molars were not replaced by adult teeth. I have worn a retainer to keep... READ MORE

Crooked canine next to congenitally missing lateral incisor. Is straightening the teeth before an implant necessary? (Photo)

I have a congenitally missing upper left lateral incisor, but the baby tooth is still present. However, it does protrude, and the canine adjacent to... READ MORE

How can a person straighten their teeth after dental implants?

My second to last molar on the right is an implant. My teeth are crowded and I've read that if you have implants you can't get braces. Is there a way... READ MORE

Help! I have implants but need to straighten my teeth.What are my options to straighten my two front teeth& close the gap? (6&7)

I had numbers 16 and 15 extracted as a child for over crowding. I have number 14 and had implants placed for numbers 13 and 12. ( the crown has not... READ MORE

Can a person on peritneal dialysis get dental implants? (photos)

I need to fix my teeth I have gotten all decay fix and now need cosmetics work for a beautiful smile. I really want straight teeth. READ MORE

Will an implant on my front tooth definitely be straight and match my other teeth? (Photo)

I had about 70% of my front knocked on aged 9 years ago, the dentist then made up the 70% I lost with the composite you would use to fill a chip.... READ MORE

How do dental implants work? And Can I get a select few teeth implanted or do I have to have a large amount?

I have a severe anterior open bite had braces for like 3 years I didn't take good care of my teeth under them. So I got them taken off I had a HIGH... READ MORE

Can my natural teeth be used as dental implants or crowns? (photos)

Can my slightly chipped teeth be straightened with artificial enamel? I enjoy the overall apearance of my natural teeth. The bigger problem that... READ MORE

An implant was placed after braces but the axis is not straight. Can it be corrected?

After trying to move my left incisor from being impacted, the axis of my jaw changed and the orthodontist said he would be able to fix it after the... READ MORE

How do you straighten crowded teeth after an implant?

My second to last molar (lower jaw) is an implant and I would really like to get my teeth straightened. They are crowded. What are my options? One of... READ MORE

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