Sore + Dental Implants

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My question is whether soreness after month and half after a dental implant could signs that infection is coming on?

Maybe I am being paranoid. I had a dental implant done on April 17th. I have wear flipper while it heals. The less I wear it the better, but I work 13... READ MORE

Extreme pain 5 weeks after oral surgery, bone sticking out. Pain! Please help. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had five teeth in far back taken out approx 5 weeks ago. Let me say the black in the socket must be a shadow or something. It looks very clen. A... READ MORE

Dental implant pain. Why is this happening?

Have had implants for about 10 yrs.get reg cleanning& checkups.just had one 2wks ago.have been feeling pain for the last day or so.why would this be... READ MORE

My dental implant is loose and sore.

I've had the implant for over ten years, one of two bottom molars. The other implant is fine. Will the implant fall out or will it have to be... READ MORE

Can a problem with dental implant go undetected with X-rays? Could issues with implant cause chronic sore throat and headache?

About ten years ago I received a titanium implant for my front tooth. The tooth was extremely infected after a failed apicoectomy years prior. The... READ MORE

After having stem cell bone graft implant how long does it take to stop hurting a gum to look normal? (Photos)

10 days ago I had stem cell bone graft an implant I fainted after surgery an have felt horrible ever since I have a headache an the implant area is... READ MORE

Tooth next to implant is sore and irritated. (Photo)

Closely placed implant causing tooth to be sore and irritated with a pressure feeling. Already took antibiotics. Bite has been adjusted twice. I get... READ MORE

What causes gum soreness around dental implant? (Photo)

I've had an implant for almost 8 years (anterior lateral incisor). For several months the gum around the back of the implant has been sore. It's not... READ MORE

I'm highly allergic to rubber/latex. Should I be worried with the surgery OR A reaction to the implants or equipment?

So I had a reaction at a dental office and now my whole mouth is full of sores & bruising from popped vessels & I also have small cuts all over & a... READ MORE

Can an allergic reaction to metal be responsible for a severe soar throat after receiving denture implants?

Around 6 months ago I went to Mexico to have a set of dentures made . I had bone grafts and Reconstruction work done in order for my snaps to be put... READ MORE

Swelling after dental implant removal.

My implant was extracted on Thursday. Swelling and soreness is still extreme on Saturday night. Is this normal? READ MORE

Dental Implant Sore 5 months after surgery. (photo)

5 months ago I have got a dental implant for my #19 tooth. One month after the surgery it started to feel sore. It comes and goes randomly, and my... READ MORE

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