Smoking + Dental Implants

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Smoking and Dental Implants with and Without Bone Grafts

How long after a patient quits smoking can implant treatment begin? 2 without bone grafting and 2 with. Thanks for your time. READ MORE

I Smoked 8 Days After my Dental Implant Surgery is my Implant Doomed for Failure?

I was unaware of the consequences associated with smoking and implants so I have smoked for the past two days. This afternoon I started experiencing a... READ MORE

Is It Good to Get Your Whole Mouth Done with Dental Implants and What Are the Affects of a Long Term Smoker and Dental Implants?

I have gum disease and my teeth are falling out 1by1 and I really want to get these teeth out of my mouth and either get some implants are dentures... READ MORE

Tooth 30 Extracted, Thinking About Implant or Bridge, Input?

On Thursday I had tooth number 30 extracted. I was thinking about the ways to replace it. A few things I am concerned. #1 is I might suffer from... READ MORE

Does marijuana smoke destroy bone as cigarette smoke does?

My cousin is having a bone graft for dental implants done and she quit smoking cigarettes but was scared to ask about marijuana. READ MORE

Does smoking marijuana effect dental implants?

I have two fake teeth (dental implants) with no bone graphing, i smoke weed every day and I am wondering if I am damaging my health or if it doesn't... READ MORE

What Has Happened to My Dental Implants? (photos)

I had dental implant surgery 13 years ago, the two teeth on either side of the front teeth never grew in, my implants were and had been a sucess up... READ MORE

I feel like my teeth are about to fall out, what do I do? (Photo)

Prior to what I'm currently going through, I was going through a rough depressive state, and I stopped brushing my teeth for 2 months. I'm a smoker,... READ MORE

Can smoking marijuana be as harmful as smoking cigarettes with dental implants?

Correct me if I am wrong, but I understand that 'smoking' can lead to a dental implant failure. I'm wondering if it is the action of smoking or what... READ MORE

Do nicotine patches affect the success of dental implant surgery same as smoking?

What is the success rate of dental implant surgery on patients who use nicotine patches, 1 months prior to surgery and after the surgery? Could not... READ MORE

Will I be able to smoke marijuana after my dental implants have healed completely even with a bone graft?

I smoke marijuana on the daily. I just didn't know if I could smoke it right away or if I have to wait the full healing to start smoking again? READ MORE

Dental Implants 23 Years After Tooth Removal?

It's been 23 years since I lost all my upper teeth and I'm wearing a full denture, I am already 45 years old and I am a heavy smoker, Is it still... READ MORE

Dental implants done 3 days ago. Med-strong pain since. 400mg advil helps pain for only a short time, 2hrs. Is something wrong?

One inserted 4 months after tooth extraction. Second, same side, done immediately after tooth extraction (same visit). Eating soft, mild foods.... READ MORE

Smoking after Dental implants and healing? Are there any alternatives to quitting. I'm a truck driver, hard to quit, HELP?????

I just had an implant a week ago and my doctor told me I had to quit, and I told her I cant so she advised me to at least take it easy so I'm trying... READ MORE

What are the effects of smoking and vaping medical marijuana after a bone graft and during the dental implants process?

I'm going to have a closed sinus lifting surgery and dental implants next week. I've heard that you need to avoid smoking cigarettes with dental... READ MORE

What is the likelihood that my loose molar can be saved?

I am a 37yo female with bone loss (former smoker). I found out today that I have a loose molar on the bottom left (mobile to dentist but I did not... READ MORE

Can dental implants be placed 10 months plus from an extraction? (photo)

I am in need of extensive dental work and on a very strict budget. I have decided to opt out of anything I consider to be cosmetic because I can only... READ MORE

What are the effects of both smoking and vaping weed during the dental implant process?

I'm asking about from start to finish: from tooth extraction, bone grafting, abutment, and post implant. I know that smoking cigarettes is to be... READ MORE

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