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Are Sinus Problems a Possibility After Having Dental Implants Installed?

Will there be the pain of a sinus infection? If so, what can be done to resolve it long-term?  What medications help? READ MORE

#13 tooth has a root canal, no crown. Have discomfort around tooth in the sinus area.

One x-ray shows crack and another no crack. One dentist (crack) want extraction, bone craft and implant, the other (no crack) says sinus infection, I... READ MORE

Tooth implant and effect on sinuses and what could happen?

Had an implant in upper right jaw the teeth before the last. After doing hole for implant and putting it doctor did small test where he blocked my... READ MORE

Will implants be effective if they are going into your sinuses?

I want to have mini implants on top for dentures, my dentist is saying they won't work because they are going into sinius.  is this true?Mini... READ MORE

After an implant placement I have sinus-mouth connection, should I be worried about it?

During the drilling for CeraRoot zirconia implant the sinus was punctured then lifted. After the placement of the implant on #14 which immediately... READ MORE

Can I get implants if I have a collapsed sinus?

I have had gum disease for many years, already have four implants on the upper area, the front teeth. I have lost most of the molars. A dentist told... READ MORE

I'm a 73 year old male considering a full set of upper and lower dental implants.

I was informed several years ago that, because of upper jaw bone loss, that I would need a sinus implant to hold the teeth implants in place. Does... READ MORE

I had teeth implants put in the upper right side of my mouth. Could it be that one of the implants is touching my sinus?

It burns and hurts all the time now and all the way to my rite side of my head front and back and front cheek my rite nasal burns and rite earhurts at... READ MORE

6 dental implants, bone grafting, full contour hybrid bridge. Do I need a sinus lift? (Photo)

6 dental implants , bone grafting , full contour hybrid bridge Will I need sinus lifts ? Any other thoughts or alternate treatments to replace full arch READ MORE

No. 15 extracted, Can I do implant without sinus lifting (x-ray attached)? (Photo)

Just had my no. 15 tooth extracted two days ago due to movement (2mm) and bone loss. My periodontitis seems reluctant to do implant citing lower... READ MORE

Did I grow enough bone?

I'm considering a tooth implant and I've had a bone graft. My dentist needs 10 cm of bone, but he tells me I only grew 9.5 cm. If I go ahead with... READ MORE

Implant was pushed slightly into lower sinus cavity by the dentist, should I be concerned?

Yesterday I had my tooth extracted from upper left 3rd from back tooth. They also did bone graph and implant at the same time. After, the dentist said... READ MORE

Upper molar removed and implant installed: now I have a liquid and air sinus leak.

Had an upper molar implant installed yesterday. The doctor had suggested I rinse often with mouthwash. Tonight while rinsing and I felt and heard the... READ MORE

I have a complicated dental/medical condition? Which doctors are needed to resolve my problem?

The scalloping of the sides of my tongue and frequent sleep disturbances indicate sleep apnea. A comprehensive test is being scheduled. Previous... READ MORE

Shall I consider implant for tooth #14 while having sinus retention cyst (since yr 1998) around captioned area? (photo)

My tooth #14 was extracted 2015-6 due to fractured, then abscess ( treated with 2 antibiotics, but no clean up scrapping.) Also, I have sinus... READ MORE

Pregnancy after the first stage of dental implant surgery

I had implant placed in my upper jaw, with a small sinus graft a month and a half ago, and now I found out I'm pregnant. Will there be any problems,... READ MORE

Is it possible to have sinus headaches from implant's microgap infection? (photos)

Inflammation around implant (#15) excruciating pain in my scull with left nostril discharge first light and clear then heavy, beige or pink . Take... READ MORE

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