Side Effects + Dental Implants

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Dental Implants Problems - What's Common

I'm considering getting dental implants, but I'm worried about side effects and complications. I've heard that they can cause nerve damage and even... READ MORE

Why Do I Suddenly Notice a Foul Odor Near my Implant Gumline?

I've had my implant and crown for approx 3 years. Just recently when I "rubbertip" the area (which I do daily), the typicaly bit of... READ MORE

Is It Good to Get Your Whole Mouth Done with Dental Implants and What Are the Affects of a Long Term Smoker and Dental Implants?

I have gum disease and my teeth are falling out 1by1 and I really want to get these teeth out of my mouth and either get some implants are dentures... READ MORE

Dental implant side effects?

I had my dental implants installed 6 months ago and I don't know if its a coincidence or not but it seems ever since then I have been getting light... READ MORE

I had a surgical extraction 5 days ago. Do I need an implant?

I had a surgical extraction 5 days ago.My dentist didn't tell me do a implant.And I look for online,many people says it required.I wonder is it... READ MORE

Final option: Dental Implants (Photo)

I am facing the inevitability of dental implants. I was born with cerebral palsy, a side effect being a lack of permanent teeth. I am missing 13 of... READ MORE

I had tooth no 18 extracted and my periodontist did bone grafting without giving me much information?

It has been one month since the bone grafting and it still hurts The bone growth has ripped my gum in that area my dentist filed it and it regrew in... READ MORE

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