Shifting + Dental Implants

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It Seems my Tooth Implant Has Moved?

I keep reading that implants don't move, but mine has. I think the adjacent tooth is pushing on it. It has defiantly moved. What can I do? READ MORE

After Implant Surgery the Tooth Next to It Started to Move with No Indication of Periodontal Diseased and It HURTS?

I had a implant surgery three weeks ago. Two days after the surgery the tooth next to the implant started moving and it hurts. There was no indication... READ MORE

I Have Bone Loss, Front Teeth Shifted After Dental Implants

I just found out I have bone loss, is that why my front teeth shifted after my dental implants?? My smile is different now, not to happy since 2 front... READ MORE

Bone Loss and Immediate Implants?

A piece of my tooth broke off 4 months ago and I experienced no pain so i assumed I will be ok. But last week ago, I experienced pain in my tooth and... READ MORE

I had a dental implant 5 months ago. How long do I have before adjacent teeth shift enough to cause crown placement issues?

I had a dental implant placed about five months ago by an oral surgeon. I am now halfway across the world from where I was and find myself without... READ MORE

Moving Wisdoom Tooth Back (Creating Space for Implant)? (photo)

I have a missing 1st molar on my right side, and there's not enough room for an implant. Would it be possible to move the 2nd molar and the wisdom... READ MORE

My Frontal Teeth is Moving. Should I Remove and Replace or What Should I Do?

I had a previous strike in my frontal teeth which made them move a bit at first, but these days it's been hurting me and causes inflammation and... READ MORE

Missing first and third molar, second molar shifted and bone loss, can I get an implant for the third molar? Or bridge?

When i was 18 (now 24) i had the first and third molars extracted. As a result my face/mouth/jaw is very asymmetric. There has been 5 years since the... READ MORE

My implant tooth doesn't move or feel loose but it seems to have shifted over the years. Any suggestions?

I have had an implant tooth for 10plus years and it seems to have moved closer to anther tooth. There is no gum discoloration but the tooth next to it... READ MORE

My missing tooth caused my teeth to shift inward?

I lost my lateral incisor when I was 15, I'm 18 now, I tried getting a bridge but it fell ou CUs my teeth were shifted inward, then they shifted... READ MORE

What is the best option for healing of the gums after removing all teeth to do implants?

40 yrs old. Female. Periodontal disease (genetic). Two loose front teeth. Gaps between teeth front teeth (lower) and shifting of top. Concerned about... READ MORE

What are the consequences of not getting a dental implant after a tooth extraction?

I am 21 years old and need to have my 19th molar extracted. The doctor highly suggests an implant. However I have very little money to pay for it. The... READ MORE

Can I Have a Space Opened with Braces for an Implant?

Had an underbite, ortho removed four pre molars. Closed gaps. I took off my braces bottom teeth shifted bottom right incisor shifted forward... READ MORE

Can a Facial/mouth Trauma That Resulted in Evulsion of 4 Front Teeth Result in a Midline Shift?

My son lost 4 teeth to trauma and just got some temporary "flippers" until implants can be placed. We have noticed now that his midline has shifted.... READ MORE

How long does it take for your teeth to shift? How long should I wait for a bridge or possibly a dental implant?

I just had an upper right molar extracted. It was the one in the center, so I have molars on each side if the gap. Its unfortunate that I had to get a... READ MORE

I extracted all four of my molars recently but now my teeth especially the upper ones have shifted. What should I do?

I wasn't told to replace them so I just left the spaces empty ..Its being 5 months now and I am experiencing some drastic changes in my face.. my... READ MORE

Should I remove the erupted molar at the top or add an implant at the bottom? (Photo)

I got all my wisdom teeth removed and my lower 2nd Molar is removed too. My upper 2nd Molar is now shifting downward as a result. My dentist recommend... READ MORE

Do I need a bridge replacement or implants plus crowns based on CT and X-Rays? Can the upper front teeth firm up again? (photo)

Last Oct. my upper front teeth rapidly shifted to left on bite of bagel just after #7 crown replacement. It created overbites at #8, #9, and #20.... READ MORE

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