Sensitivity + Dental Implants

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Is a Dental Implant Procedure pretty straightforward?

What are some of the common problems after a procedure? Sensitivity, gum pain, that type of thing? READ MORE

Dental implant was placed too close to the adjacent tooth, my adjacent tooth is sensitive to hot foods and drinks. Problem?

3 months ago got a dental implant 20.It was positioned closely to adjacent tooth 21, almost touching it.Oral surgeon repositioned implant.Month later... READ MORE

Got a front dental implant put in two weeks ago. A couple days ago swallen upper lip. Is my implant failing? (photo)

I started feeling discomfort under my nose like I was getting a pimple. Woke up with a swallen area above my upper lip. When I touch under my nose on... READ MORE

Gum is not growing over a tooth implant. Any suggestions?

The implant was placed on the same day as a tooth extraction, on March 30 2016. There is no infection or other abnormalities but the gum is not... READ MORE

Months after RTC and bridge. Occasional tooth pain/ extreme sensitivity. I still can't chew or bite without shooting pain. HELP

Hello. I had 3 root canals 3 and a half month ago. 2 of them were fitted for a crown. I have a bridge with perfectly sound adjacent teeth. The problem... READ MORE

What can be done to treat this exposed piece of mandible bone? Is it even treatable at this point, or am I out of luck? (Photos)

I am 32 and I have no teeth. In 2002 my dad died and I, admittedly, grieved in the worst way possible. I used, and began a decade long addiction to,... READ MORE

Endodontist or General Dentist for bite sensitivity in tooth #30 after root canal? Looking for more experienced dentists.

I've been going to NYU dental, seen several students and visits. Had several "normal" x-rays, not chewing on the side for two years, then finally... READ MORE

How to replace teeth which has rotten?

Actually at the childhood age my upper chin last teeth got pain. Then i went to doctor, he removed some bacteria and kept some ice material that i... READ MORE

Dental Implant Sore 5 months after surgery. (photo)

5 months ago I have got a dental implant for my #19 tooth. One month after the surgery it started to feel sore. It comes and goes randomly, and my... READ MORE

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