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Dental Implants Made in China or Asia?

I learned that a dentist may charge you for a full priced dental implant made at a US lab, and then buys it from a lab in Asia/China at a fraction of... READ MORE

Cheap Dental Implants?

Are there any safe countries for dental implants outside the UK. I know someone who got them in India and I have heard Poland or Israel are good READ MORE

I am in the process of having a dental implant done and just found out I'm pregnant. I know it's not ideal but is it safe to do?

I've already had the bone graft done, the x-rays and the surgical guide made. I'm 5 weeks pregnant and scheduled for the implant in a week. My dentist... READ MORE

I'm 36 years old,have lost abt 75% of bones in my teeth. hoping to extract all my upper teeth & get an implant done, is it safe?

I am 36 years old and have lost more than 75% of bones in my teeth. never being a smoker. I am going to extract all my upper teeth and get an implant... READ MORE

How safe is to have multiple teeth extraction and all on 4 implant at the same time?

I have 10 teeth on upper jaw and 8 on the lower. I will be getting them pulled out and same time have all on 4 dental implants done. How safe is that.... READ MORE

It it safe to have post-grad dental clinic perform my tooth implant. Will quality suffer?

Root canal failed, led to extraction of lower left tooth in back (number 30?). I've already paid several hundred for extraction & bone graft. Private... READ MORE

Tooth implant and effect on sinuses and what could happen?

Had an implant in upper right jaw the teeth before the last. After doing hole for implant and putting it doctor did small test where he blocked my... READ MORE

I was told by my orthodontist that it is not safe and till I'm 18 to get the implants. Any suggestions?

Hi I am a 16-year-old female with braces I was born without two teeth therefore after my braces come off I will need implants my orthodontist tells me... READ MORE

Why is it not recommended to wear dentures after a bone graft operation?

I´ve just had a bone graft operation with 4 implants put in on my upper jaw. The surgeon told me not to wear my denture for as long as possible. How ... READ MORE

Are titanium dental implants safe?

Hi doctors, Are titanium dental implants safe? Can they cause facial edema? READ MORE

Can I go through treatments of ultrasonic cavitation if I have dental implants?

I have a dental implant (titanium alloy I think) in my mouth. I was wondering if I could still go through treatments of ultrasonic cavitation on my... READ MORE

Is it safe to get teeth implants in maylasia ?

I need two implants with a bridge on my top jaw - one left one right.I was thinking about going to malaysia as it is a quarter of the price compared... READ MORE

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