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Removing Dental Implants - What Type Dentist is Required?

I would like to have my 6 dental implants removed immediately. Which type dentist is best? READ MORE

I Have Just Had an Implant Removed Due to Abscess and Subsequent Bone Loss. Its Left a Huge Cavity?

I have just had an implant removed due to abscess and subsequent bone loss -its left a huge cavity which is very deep-it keeps getting infected as its... READ MORE

Are Bicon Dental Implants from a Reputible Company?

I had 4 implants in 2009 to secure my denture. In 2012 1 implant below my sinuses broke off. I had bone graphs on the implants closest to my sinuses.... READ MORE

Do I Need to Get All Implants Done at the Same Time in Order to Have a Removable Denture?

Can i do 2 on top left side then come back in 3 months and do 2 on the top right side and still be able to get removable denture. READ MORE

Should I Get my Implant Removed?

I was in an accident two weeks ago where my two front teeth got knocked out. They have since been fitted back in ok but I also have a dental implant... READ MORE

Had a Right Upper Molar Removed in the Army Years Ago. Have Been Noticing my Face Seems to Be Falling?

I haven't been able to afford implants yet... Plus the dr says there isn't enough bone to just add the implant, therefore adding more to the cost.... READ MORE

Should I have a dental implant removed that I had put in over 5 years ago due to pain and discomfort a good deal of the time?

I had a dental implant over five years ago by a perodontist/ implant specialist. I had a bone and skin graft when they put it in. Last year, I had... READ MORE

Why am I feeling awful pressure in my cheek bones and nose after having dental implants fitted?

In November 2014 I had 4 front top teeth removed, in December 2014 I had 2 implants fitted. On 16th March 2015 I have now had the 2 implants along... READ MORE

Why would my dental implant fail?

I had an Astra tek dental implant put I at site number 3 in oct 2012. I had it taken out yesterday because the crown was moving because of implant... READ MORE

I had 3 teeth implants put in but they hurt so much. It's been 6 months or more by now. Can they be removed?

They constantly hurt and my rite cheek burns at times and all around the rite side of my head and my ear READ MORE

Dental implant 16 days ago. Infection / abscess discovered today. Likelihood of bone penetrative or removal of implant? (Photo)

I had a dental implant 16 days ago. I also have braces, which were used to create implant space. 3 days ago I had the stitches removed and the wires... READ MORE

I had a tooth removed, my doctor said I have to decide on an implant or a bridge. Any suggestions?

Each tooth on both sides have a crown. this is the # 16 tooth upper left (second tooth from back) I am 64, in good health, what is my best option READ MORE

Having an abscess for 3rd time, is it wise to removal and simultaneously have bone grafting and dental implant?

Having an abscess for third time on exact same spot and twice before surgically removed, is it wise to remove the third time and simultaneously have... READ MORE

After implants for denture stabilization, can there be bone loss in later years, leading to having them removed?

Right now I have 6 bottom front teeth, 1 tooth needs a root canal, but the dentist referred me to a surgeon to have them removed and suggested to get... READ MORE

Bridge or Implant? (photos)

I have a front incisor that previously had a root canal but has become damaged and needs to be removed. I can either get a bridge (which my insurance... READ MORE

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