Recovery + Dental Implants

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Dental Implants Recovery Time

I'm considering getting dental implants, but I wanted to know what the typical recovery time was? What kind of downtime can I expect -- how long will... READ MORE

How Effective is Heat/cold in with Dealing Dental Implant Surgery Pain?

Which is better to use after having dental implant surgery to deal with pain: cold compresses or heat? What are the best natural pain remedies? READ MORE

Recovery After 9 bottom Teeth Pulled at Once?

Just had 9 bottom teeth pulled with replacement dentures placed same day how long is recovery READ MORE

How Long After Bone Grafts and Dental Implants Before Playing Horn Again?

My daughter is having bone grafting and then dental implants for the two teeth next to her front teeth. The baby teeth fell out without permanant ones... READ MORE

Need 1 implant. What should I expect? (photos)

I tried looking up other reviews here, but couldn't seem to find what I am looking for. My parents never took me to the dentist as a child, so of... READ MORE

How safe is to have multiple teeth extraction and all on 4 implant at the same time?

I have 10 teeth on upper jaw and 8 on the lower. I will be getting them pulled out and same time have all on 4 dental implants done. How safe is that.... READ MORE

If a Hip Graft is Necessary for Dental Implants, How Painful is It and What is the Down Time?

If a Hip Graft is Necessary for Dental Implants, How Painful is It and What is the Down Time? READ MORE

Are there any vitamin supplements that i can take to help and aid in recovery after bone and screw implant?

I lost one of my front tooth 17 years ago and i just recently had a bone graft and the screw placed , currently i'm wearing a flipper (which I hate),... READ MORE

Is it possible to replace these teeth with fake ones? (Photos)

I really want to get braces but my dentist said since my jaw has already developed (I'm 18) I would have to get jaw surgery before getting braces. I'm... READ MORE

With only two implants how long will recovery time be?

I will be having 6 teeth removed on my lower jaw. Have not had teeth on either side in the back so I have lost a great deal of bone. My dentist said... READ MORE

I'm wondering do you do the extractions and then can there be placed single implants? (Photo)

I have had the 4 broken teeth for almost 15 yrs. With no pain or infection. Also is the recovery and healing time frame approx.the same if one gets 5... READ MORE

What kind of procedure, cost, and recovery time am I looking at for canine teeth dental implants?

I'm a 24 year old girl with two badly impacted canine teeth. My ortho told me an oral surgeon can extract both my baby and adult canine teeth and have... READ MORE

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