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What is Best Option for Denture Replacement W/ Receading Gums for 84 y/o Male??

84 year old needs denture replacement. He no lower teeth and receding gums . Dentures are "floating" eating limited and he is loosing weight... READ MORE

Dental Bridge Put in at 17 Years Old. Now 36 and Am Very Subconcious of the Gum Recession and Size of Teeth.

I flipped over my bike at the age of 13 and knocked out one front tooth and rotated the other. After 4 years of braces (with a fake tooth attached to... READ MORE

Dental Implants Placed Too High on Front Two Teeth?

I can't graft more gum tissue since there is no bone. solutions are to live with a higher toothline or redo the implants after grafting more bone. Is... READ MORE

The Adjacent Tooth to the Implant Have Receding Gum and Suffer from Pain with Cold and Even Ordinary Water?

I did tooth implant ten month ago and impant had done very easy without any side effects and I can easily see the gum receding, I use the soft brush... READ MORE

What Has Happened to My Dental Implants? (photos)

I had dental implant surgery 13 years ago, the two teeth on either side of the front teeth never grew in, my implants were and had been a sucess up... READ MORE

Medicaid, Dental Implants and a Receeded Gumline?

I am on medicaid. It is my only form of insurance. I live on a fixed income. Very fixed! I have missing teeth. That I lost to bone loss and Diabetes.... READ MORE

I'm 53 yrs old. I have worn upper dentures for 30 yrs. I use to have a beautiful smile but now my gums have receded. (photo)

When I talk it appears that i have no upper teeth. This just happened over the past 5 years. I have worn dentures since I was in my early twenties. I... READ MORE

Receding gums around front implant. Can anything be done?

I had my check up at the dentist last week. My dentist mentioned my gums are healthy but one is receding around my front implant. I can see gold metal... READ MORE

Can A Front Dental Implant Ruin The Teeth Around It?

I had a front dental implant done in 2010. the front tooth next to it had a chairside veneer placed on it. since then i have constant drainage from... READ MORE

3 weeks post op, gum has receded greatly. Will gum grow back around the implant once I get it almost a year from now? (photo)

I was about to get braces to align my teeth before getting the top front 4 crowned (1 is already a crown from trauma & the others have very large... READ MORE

Dental Implant has receded tissue around upper molar and can see some post through gums and can touch it too !

Hi, Im sick with worry ...I have not been back to the perio for my cleanings for over 1 year or more due to my son became disabled and I could not... READ MORE

Follow Up to Answer on Medicaid, Dental Implants and Receded Gum Line?

Thank you so much for answering my question. But I wanted to know what fabricated dentures mean? Are they different from the normal dentures? My... READ MORE

Any suggestions on Dental Bone Loss?

I had mini-implants placed in my upper jaw in '09. A reputable source said the placement was fine. I questioned, because my gum and bone was receding.... READ MORE

How old is too old to get full dental implants?

I have had upper dentures since I was in my early 20s, but could not wear the lowers, therefore the gums receded a bit. READ MORE

What temporary teeth can be used instead of partial denture?

I'm looking at getting implants for my two central incisors as a permanent solution as I already have a bridge but the central insicor it's attached... READ MORE

Teeth implant crowns 7 months ago. Suddenly I used a mirror to look close I can see gum receding and a bit of screw. (Photo)

The implant crowns put on 7 months is that possible receding and show screw? I don't feel any pain but is it necessary to to fix immediately? Because... READ MORE

I have an old bridge that has chipped.My gums have receded with bone loss. Should I get a bridge or implants? (photo)

I'm 56yrs old w/ Osteopenia. Old bridge 15+ yrs Will a bridged or implants cease the bone loss & gum recession ? Currently the chipped bridge does... READ MORE

How should I change my front tooth implant with receded gum? (photo)

I hate my front tooth implant and the gum above it has receded for some reason. My dentist recommended me just to change the crown of the implant and... READ MORE

Receding gums very bad: I have been told that there is nothing I can do as it's gone too far. (photo)

I have a genetic form or gum disease that attacks the front teeth I have been told that there is nothing I can do as it's gone too far to get a gum... READ MORE

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