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Dental Implants Problems - What's Common

I'm considering getting dental implants, but I'm worried about side effects and complications. I've heard that they can cause nerve damage and even... READ MORE

MIS dental Implants - do they have a good success rate or any problems?

Hi, please could you advise me about MIS dental implants..would you know how long they have been in the industry and if they have a good success rate... READ MORE

My molar broke below the gum line. Best option?

Dentists wants to avoid extraction, and plans to build up the molar so that it will be a little higher than the gum line. This is meant to keep bone... READ MORE

Is sedation necessary for sinus lift and 4 implants?

I am having a sinus lift and 4 implants placed upper right and do not want to be sedated. The 4 teeth have already been extracted. I have had a lot of... READ MORE

Slight pain: tooth implanted around two years ago. Does it seem to be a serious problem? (Photo)

I had a tooth implant around two years ago and since a few days ago I feel uncomfortable at its place and the inner gum has slightly changed the color... READ MORE

Dental Implant Problem. Is this a permanent problem with titanium implants?

My gums holding my back molar titanium dental implant have been infected on & off for approx 1 year. I can no longer chew without discomfort. A... READ MORE

What problems may in encounter if I get dental implants (lower) if I have an underbite?

I recently have spent over 2 years with my dentist attempting to install my lowers on 3 implants. The implants appear fine, but the set itself will... READ MORE

Tooth abscess on and off for the last few months - OK to have it extracted and implant at the same time? (photos)

Seeking a second opinion - My oral surgeon says extract the tooth and put implant in at the same time (even though there is an existing abscess) -... READ MORE

I have more gum show and uneven teeth. My dentist recommended gum lengthening. (photo)

Will I have problems with teeth implant in future, because my teeth may loose READ MORE

Can a fixed appliance be put on implants that were for dentures?

I hate my dentures mounted on implants that were done two years ago and they impair my speech. I had them make the dentures with a reduced pallet... READ MORE

How long should I wait to get full mouth implants after all my teeth have been extracted?

Hello my name is Gloria. I was wondering what are my best options for getting implant put in my mouth after getting 29 teeth removed all at the same... READ MORE

What causes sinus pressure, swelling jaw, tingling, and a headache after a crown was placed over a bone graft implant?

Crown was removed and i still have problems. Is this a failed implant or is the implant gone too far up towards my sinus, my doctor also did sinus up... READ MORE

I have several teeth that are broken down to the gum line.

I have over 20 broken teeth. I grind my teeth over night and that has caused me a lot of problems. CVan I get false teeth instead of posts as I can't... READ MORE

1 year post tooth implant - how long until a tooth can be put on the implant?

Are there any problems from not installing tooth after implant? It has been a year since implant was installed. READ MORE

Singel tooth Zirconia bridge came off after 2 months, why could this have happened?

Hi, after failed zirconia single toothe implant, my dentist suggested zirconia bridge. The single toothe zirconia bridge came off 2 months after... READ MORE

Can I get help financially?

My name is Lindsey, I'm 28yrs old, and my dream is to have dental implants. I already have a top denture, and now my bottoms are in dyer need of help,... READ MORE

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