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How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

Approximately how much does it cost per tooth for dental implants? Is this a good alternative to dentures? READ MORE

Dental Implant Prices: Why So Expensive?

I had an appointment with a dental implant office located in Chicago. They will put in four implants and attach an appliance. I will return in 6 to 9... READ MORE

What is the Average Price of Dental Implants?

Is the cost different for incisors than molars? READ MORE

Tooth extraction with a view to getting an implant. Should I go through NHS or a private practice for the extraction?

I am having to get a molar tooth (that has been previously root canaled) removed as it has cracked. My dentist has said that if I wish to replace it... READ MORE

Dental implants for a decent price in Kansas?

Are there any good dentists that provide implants for a decent price in Kansas? I've had bad experiences with dentists that didn't want to take care... READ MORE

I need 2 dental implants. I live in Philadelphia. Where is a good place with reasonable prices? (Photo)

I but a crab and the shell got caught in my gums and when I took it out my tooth was in it. Also a had 3 side/back teeth pulled, I just need to... READ MORE

Help! Desperate dental advice needed.

I need to have dental work done. One of my top Right teeth is decayed to nothing, I will need an implant or a Bridge and on the top left I have two... READ MORE

What is an average price of implanted dentures that are the screw on type that only the dentist can remove?

What would a price be for removing all teeth and putting in 7 implants on top and 5 on the bottom with bone grafting on 7. Then a full set of upper... READ MORE

Implant options?

I am looking for different options and pricing in Nevada. It will be for pulling and replacing all of my teeth, they are severally failing. Please and... READ MORE

Where can you get reasonable implants price for like under $10,000?

How can I find a cheap place to get implants. need upper an lower set READ MORE

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