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Can Dental Implant Placement Be Modified After Healing? (photo)

Long story short. Have had recommended bone grafting, crown lengthening, and gingival modification all to place implants for # 8,9,10. 8 and 9... READ MORE

Molar Extraction and Implant Placement Recovery?

I recently cracked my 1st molar on the bottom that now needs to be extracted (previous root canal). There is no infection-it was an accident. I'm... READ MORE

Are these dental implants placed correctly? or should they be done again? They were placed in mid November 2014 (Photo)

I have read that implants should be seperated from natural teeth by at least 1.5 mm and be placed at the correct angle. Two of my implants seem too... READ MORE

What do you think of an implant being placed at a 45 degree angle? (Photo)

I was told ( as an option) that in order to avoid a sinus lift in tooth #3 the implant could be placed in an angle ( between #3 and #4( extracted)... READ MORE

Alignment of All On 5 upper implants, is it correct?

My all on 5 upper denture does not follow the line of my lower teeth. I had this done in Thailand 2 years ago and have been reasonably happy with the... READ MORE

Is a loose screw occurring 1 month after a crown placement on an implant normal?

7 months ago I had my front tooth extracted and an implant place. After 6 months of healing, my dentist placed the final abutment and crown. Now, 1... READ MORE

How painful is it to remove a dental implant? (Photo)

I had a dental implant placed incorrectly by a surgeon. Too far buccal. Now my dentist said the alignment being 4mm out of alignment from my bite... READ MORE

I believe I have a poorly placed implant and I'm dealing with issues of alignment of other teeth as a result.

Years after having an implant on an upper left cuspid, my front two teeth are crooked and my upper left central has fractures and a small chip. What... READ MORE

Does my central incisor implant placement look misplaced? (Photo)

Good Day I recently received two implants. The implants were placed using the flapless method. When I got home I looked in the mirror to notice that... READ MORE

How soon can my lower metal partial be connected to the two buried implants after implant placement?

I would like to have the short implants to hold my lower cast metal partial so I do not have to go without teeth, How soon and what kind of foods... READ MORE

Was my implant placed in a wrong position? (Photo)

Hi, an implant was placed in my upper jaw yesterday. Directly after the surgery I felt a lot of pressure on the adjacent tooth. The doc took an x-ray... READ MORE

I would like to know if bone grafts can be done at the same time implants are placed?

I had implants in past, needed bone graft. Bone graft done 1st, then had to heal for months before implants could be done. Seeing new dentist, told me... READ MORE

How long after full clearance of teeth do I have before mini implants need to be placed? Optimum period? (Photo)

. Mini implants for dentures my pref, based on budget . All my teeth are in very poor condition. , but I also have bad gag reflex, Want implants (... READ MORE

Did my dental implant just fall out? (Photos)

I'm panicking. This just popped out of my mouth. My dental implant placement was on 6/30. I hadn't had any issues and today this came out. Is this my... READ MORE

Two years after this implant was placed it has throbbed and ached off and on. (Photo)

Now after enduring 3 years of this very expensive thing I am told it has to be removed and replaced due to bone loss.Are there any other options? Is... READ MORE

Why are my natural teeth numb after placement of prosthetic teeth stage of implants?

I had two upper implants done and shortly after getting the prosthetic teeth in place my natural teeth next to the prosthetic teeth have gone numb.... READ MORE

I had a dental implant placed in Dec. Should I be concerned?

I am still hurting not the same pain as it was the days right after, but still have pain, the surgeon did not seem concerned. Should I be? READ MORE

Recommendations for implant placement?

1.I decided to go with Straumann. What other trustworthy brands do you recommend that maybe less expensive than Straumann, while retaining the same... READ MORE

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