Periodontal Disease + Dental Implants

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How Much Does It Cost for Tooth Replacement

How much does it cost for tooth replacement, After becoming pregnant I had serious gum problems which has made the gum reseed on my bottom 2 teeth.... READ MORE

Sudden Bone Loss Around One Tooth over 1 Year Time?

57 y.o. perimenopausal with severe bone loss and periodontal disease around one tooth; they feel it needs to be pulled and grafted. There is another... READ MORE

Are implants possible to replace my bottom front teeth (5) due to severe bone loss/periodontal disease? (Photo)

I have slowly been losing bone and gum recession on my bottom front teeth from incisor to incisor (I think that's what it's called for the sharp... READ MORE

Dental Implants A Good Options For A Traumatic Fall If I Have Periodontal Disease and Recession?

I recently lost my four front teeth in a traumatic fall. I would like some advice about choosing between a bridge and implants. I want the final... READ MORE

What is the best option for healing of the gums after removing all teeth to do implants?

40 yrs old. Female. Periodontal disease (genetic). Two loose front teeth. Gaps between teeth front teeth (lower) and shifting of top. Concerned about... READ MORE

Can I save my teeth? (photo)

Had an abscess and they told me that I have periodonthal disease and should remove all my teeth and replace with implants! Would treating the gums and... READ MORE

I am wanting to know if it is possible receive a dental implant and then realign the front four teeth back? (photo)

I know i have periodontitis after reseaching the disease. The tooth next to it is also loose but i have minimized the gum recession. I am wanting to... READ MORE

Is our speech affected by full mouth dental implant? (Photo)

I am 24 years old. I have loose front teeth because of periodontal disease. So I couldn't speak fluently. Also couldn't bite freely with my front row... READ MORE

I have periodontal disease with an over bite. Can I get all my teeth removed, and replaced with implants?

My teeth are very yellow. I am trier of getting deep cleaning. Can I get all my teeth removed, and just get implants. READ MORE

Failed implants after a few month? (Photo)

I had stage 3 to stage 4 periodontal disease. Had 17 teeth extracted, and bone grafting then 12 implants 6 on bottom 6 top all in one 7 hour surgery.... READ MORE

Best dental implants for uppers with bone loss? (photos)

I had periodontal disease 20 years ago and lost several molars on 1 side. I have been receiving cleanings every 3 months since then to prevent loosing... READ MORE

Front two teeth gap appears due to teeth bone loss..dr.told it true? (photos)

One year back i was suffering from periodontical problem..lower 3 teeth was shaking.. And almost all teeth bone loss started..lower 3 was removed and... READ MORE

I have bone loss after dental implants. What are my options?

I had advanced periodontal disease about eight years ago and had dental implant surgery. My implants are one loose and I am being told I have... READ MORE

Periodontal disease has caused gaps between all teeth. Eating is just so frustrating - is there a better solution with implants?

I have suffered from aggressive periodontal disease which I have treated with deep cleaning and root planing. I am told I have some bone loss but my... READ MORE

i have perio and some teeth on top are broken.

Even with limited bone could i have bone added READ MORE

How can I get my jaw back to its original position after my teeth were filed down; now causing TMJ problems?

I have periodontal disease, gum recedes with one of upper front teeth moving- class 2 and one and the gum specialist decided to fix the problem by... READ MORE

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