Pain + Dental Implants

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How Painful is It to Get Dental Implants?

Do most patients use narcotics to manage the pain, or is Advil and Tylenol enough? Do some people get headaches after the procedure? How often? READ MORE

Does the Bone Grafting for Dental Implants Hurt?

Does the Bone Grafting for Dental Implants Hurt? It sounds very painful. READ MORE

I Had a Tooth Extraction and Bone Graft 8 Days Ago Pain is Worse Today?

On Dec 1st the tooth extraction and bone graft was done on the lower left molar. Went to the dentist yesterday morning and told him the pain is... READ MORE

Are Sinus Problems a Possibility After Having Dental Implants Installed?

Will there be the pain of a sinus infection? If so, what can be done to resolve it long-term?  What medications help? READ MORE

Does It Hurt to Have Dental Implants Placed?

Does It Hurt to Have Dental Implants Placed? READ MORE

What Can Go Wrong with Dental Implants?

Curious to know the risks of dental implants before, during and after implant. READ MORE

Pain when Pressing on Crown After Loading of Dental Implant Crown?

I had a 2nd implant done on tooth 8. went through a bone graft waited 4 months then implant placement and waited another 8 months. All seemed well -... READ MORE

After Implant Surgery the Tooth Next to It Started to Move with No Indication of Periodontal Diseased and It HURTS?

I had a implant surgery three weeks ago. Two days after the surgery the tooth next to the implant started moving and it hurts. There was no indication... READ MORE

I Am 26 Years Old and I Am Miserable. Can I Be Considered for Full Mouth Implants?

I have all my natural teeeth except 1. i need so much work done and redone. i am in so much pain due to my teeth. i have migraines due to my teeth and... READ MORE

How Effective is Heat/cold in with Dealing Dental Implant Surgery Pain?

Which is better to use after having dental implant surgery to deal with pain: cold compresses or heat? What are the best natural pain remedies? READ MORE

Experiencing pain near my 6 year old Dental Implant. Antibiotics helped temporarily, what is causing this?

I have a dental implant on my top left side. It was done about 6 years ago. Recently, I started having a dull, ache pain in that area. After a... READ MORE

14 days after dental molar extraction and bone graft and still having intense pain? Abx entire time now. (Phoot)

I had a root canal and crown on this tooth 3 yrs ago, began having pain again 1 mo ago, general dentist said infected and needs extracted. 14 days ago... READ MORE

Is it normal to have so much pain after a dental implant?

Hello, I had one implant placed 1 week ago - it is for the 2nd molar in. Although the pain has improved somewhat, I am still unable to sleep without... READ MORE

Can Having a Single Dental Implant Placed Cause TMJ

My wife had her #27 tooth extracted due to a cavity impinging on the nerve, and then an implant placed at the same time. Since the operation, she has... READ MORE

Is it normal for gum tissue to grow over abutment 2 days later? (Photo)

Had #7 extracted 4months ago and implant placed same day. Just had healing collar put in and my dr. Actually had to drill excess bone! Two days later... READ MORE

2 weeks post dental implant, infection/inflammation?

Taking Ciprofloxacin and ibuprofen, Pains getting worse READ MORE

I Smoked 8 Days After my Dental Implant Surgery is my Implant Doomed for Failure?

I was unaware of the consequences associated with smoking and implants so I have smoked for the past two days. This afternoon I started experiencing a... READ MORE

Wife Had Infected Tooth Removed and Socket Grafting Same Day. Its Been 4 Days and Shes Still in Severe Pain?

My wife went to our family dentist for a painful tooth that turned out to be infected. it took him an hour to remove the tooth and did socket grafting... READ MORE

Why does my new molar implant keep getting infected? (Photo)

After bone graft + 9 mo healing I got a molar implant. 3 weeks of massive pain later, a boil formed. Dr. then replaced implant and put me on stronger... READ MORE

Problems with dental implants. The bottom ones move, and cause pain. Can I have them fixed?

I had dental implants done in India. The bottom once are firm and perfect but the top once are loose and move and the slightest pressure causes... READ MORE

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