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Stitches came off and and my gums are separated from implant. Is this normal? I'm 2 weeks post op (Photo)

I have had a implant place and then the stitches came off and now there is a space all around the implant and the gums is this normal and if it is how... READ MORE

I had an extraction, bone graft and implant done in one go. Now stitches are dissolving, I tend to feel it more. Is it normal?

Currently on prescribed Amoxyllin 500 mg + Ibuprofen & paracetamol. I must admit that I feel it more uncomfortable now that the stitches are coming... READ MORE

After removing dental implant I'm having pain. Is this normal? How long will the pain last? (photos)

Pls help me. I just removed dental implant screw from my upper jaw front. Because implant very close next tooth root plus not enough bone. Now already... READ MORE

Is it normal to have stitches taken out following a molar extraction and bone graft when the gums have not yet sealed closed?

I had my second lower molar extracted one week ago today, and a bone graft done for a future implant. I went to my follow up appointment this morning... READ MORE

Will my gums heal back and look normal? Right now it looks different (Photo)

I just got an implant today I'm extremely said because I'm afraid my crown will no longer be parallel to the tooth next to it meaning my smile will no... READ MORE

Is it normal to have painful, lumpy gums 1 year after bone grafts? (Photo)

I had my lower teeth removed due severe gum recession from periodontal disease. My dentist recommended a lower denture held by implants. When he... READ MORE

Pain after dental implant

I am 8 days post implant procedure... It was the first appointment and I had the temp placed. I've felt good until today and the tooth aches a lot now... READ MORE

Numbness after implant. Is this normal?

I had an implant place on my lower left jaw on June 12th and the numbness was gone by night time. However the within a couple of days the numbness... READ MORE

Pain 30 days after dental implant surgery. Is this normal?

Had 2 molar implants 3 weeks ago. The site is still painful. I cannot wear the temporary at all. Is this normal? READ MORE

Crooked smile after 7 days of dental work is this normal? (photo)

I had a dental work 7 days ago and my smile is still crooked on the left side is lower then the right side. My Dr, replace my tooth with ceramic tooth... READ MORE

Are white spots on gums normal after implants? (Photo)

I had my implants placed 5 days ago. Yesterday I begin having pain on my gum above one implant. I looked today and I see two white spots. It hurts... READ MORE

Dental Implant uncovering: I noticed blood clot forming on top of the abutment which is hiding it.

My implant surgeon uncovered the implant yesterday (second stage procedure). He placed a flat screw or abutment on the implant which does not protude... READ MORE

My dentures have thin spots on gums. Looks too thin to last. Is this normal for full dentures or a sign of an inferior product?

New full set of hard permanent dentures. So thin you can see thru them in several places on the side gums and roof of mouth. Can see the ends of a few... READ MORE

I have a tingling/numbness in my lower right lip following an attempted implant procedure. Will it regain its normal sensation?

2 years ago attempted implant in lower right gum,bone graft was required. Appears that there is now excess bone in my gum,I can feel the excess... READ MORE

I have a soft spongy gum tissue growth over one of eight, implants... is this normal?

8 weeks post op, 8 upper implants, implant in back has soft spongy gum overgrowth...all other implants are covered by firm tight gum tissue...I'm 56... READ MORE

Will my lips go back to normal? (Photo)

I'm 14 and I'm getting a tooth implant because I'm missing the tooth next to my left front tooth. It didn't fall out or anything just it didn't come... READ MORE

Extreme pain 5 weeks after oral surgery, bone sticking out. Pain! Please help. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had five teeth in far back taken out approx 5 weeks ago. Let me say the black in the socket must be a shadow or something. It looks very clen. A... READ MORE

My sutures came out and now the membrane is moving around, less than a week since extraction. Should I be concerned? (Photo)

I just had a molar extracted in prep for an implant a week ago (8/5) with a membrane placed on top and sutured together. No bone graft was necessary.... READ MORE

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