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I Have Had Dentures, Am I A Candidate For Dental Implants?

For about 3yrs, is it still possible for me to replace them with dental implants and it still look natural and also could bone loss be a problem. I am... READ MORE

Instead of removal, repair a molar with cusp broken off, below gum line, to keep it healthy for a decade. Any suggestions?

Upper molar lost cusp ~30% surface area, 1/8" wide at gum line, some below gum. Has large silver filling. Dentist said remove & won't miss it much.... READ MORE

Why are we using titanium in 2014? Are there other material that are more natural? Also, porcelain for crowns?

I would think in 2014 we would have better material that is more natural in the year 2014. I am very concerned about having titanium and porcelain in... READ MORE

Isn't this implant too close to my natural tooth? (photos)

I love my dentist and I think he is doing his best but I have a feeling that this implant is too close to my natural tooth . Please see the picture !... READ MORE

Is it possible to replace the crown on a dental implant? (Photo)

I've had my dental implant for 3 years now and I have never liked the way the crown looks. It's just terrible looking. Completely unnatural and... READ MORE

Dental implants, specifically the G4 implant solution. Do the holes that the implants screw in show?

To Dr Golpa and the G4 implant solution. Do the holes that the implants screw in show through the implant bridge when a patient opens their mouth, or... READ MORE

Pain in natural tooth next to my dental implant.

I had tooth 45 implanted 10 days ago, the dentist made nearly 40 degree angle in and the implant very close to tooth 44 root from x ray. I feel the... READ MORE

How can my implants be made whiter? (Photo)

I have my implant done for three of my front teeth and they are whitter and longer compare to my natural teeth , I have done zoom whitting but the... READ MORE

Can my natural teeth be used as dental implants or crowns? (photos)

Can my slightly chipped teeth be straightened with artificial enamel? I enjoy the overall apearance of my natural teeth. The bigger problem that... READ MORE

I recently had 4 implants. Now my natural tooth (which also has a crown) is loose?

Dentist did adjusts the day he placed crowns but I noticed I was hitting that tooth I went back and he did another adjustment he also did a percussion... READ MORE

Why are my natural teeth numb after placement of prosthetic teeth stage of implants?

I had two upper implants done and shortly after getting the prosthetic teeth in place my natural teeth next to the prosthetic teeth have gone numb.... READ MORE

I have an impacted canine tooth thats been slowly coming down for over 10 years now. Is autotransplation a good option? (photo)

Have been told to get braces to pull it down but I DO NOT want braces. I want something that would be quick and natural. Like Autogenous tooth... READ MORE

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