Movement + Dental Implants

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Implants Vs Moving Teeth? (photo)

I am missing my lateral incisors and my canines grew in their place (leaving me with a gap and a baby tooth) .I do not have enough room for implants... READ MORE

My implant tooth doesn't move or feel loose but it seems to have shifted over the years. Any suggestions?

I have had an implant tooth for 10plus years and it seems to have moved closer to anther tooth. There is no gum discoloration but the tooth next to it... READ MORE

Upper lateral incisor is moving, what are the options to replace it? A bridge or an implant? (Photo)

For the lateral imcisor root canal treatment was done and it's now supported with a post..but the tooth is unstable and can fall any minute..I'm... READ MORE

One of my dental implants was fitted not vertically, but a bit at an angle.

This causes me some worries. Could this have future complications in any way? What impact can it have? When I start to bite on it, can the pressure on... READ MORE

Can a temporary bridge cause the supporting tooth to move ?

The bridge is attached to the rear of the other front tooth (central incisor). The bridge is slightly protruding in front of the natural tooth. When... READ MORE

Should I replace my front tooth crown to an implant?

My front tooth crown had been slightly moving for long time like 5years, everytime I complain that to my doctor, every doctor said it's original tooth... READ MORE

Can I get implants for the four front bucked teeth? (Photos)

The two big ones infront seems to be moving all the time. I dont like how it has moved out. I just want to know if implants on the first four can be... READ MORE

Will teeth move if I place an implant 4 months after extraction?

I wore braces for 2 years but now I have to remove tooth #30 due to a chronic abscess (ongoing for the past 5-6 years) resulting from a failed root... READ MORE

Mobility in the Implants when I touch my gums not feeling any pain, itching, or anything. What is the reason? (photos)

In 2011 I placed them. In 2015 I felt a very miniscule movement. The mobility was that small that my surgeon could not feel it when I went for control... READ MORE

Can a hard impact MOVE your implant out of place ?

I have recently realized the screw on my upper implant is exposed. I was in a car accident a few weeks ago, and its after this I realized the screw is... READ MORE

Can the 2 moving teeth hold a bridge in place and become stable? If yes, for how long?

Had a root canal on # 31 which was holding a 3 unit bridge ,now removed. I wanted to do an implant on the missing toot #30 ,but after seeing an... READ MORE

Sinus lift and implant performed simultaneously about 4 weeks ago on upper premolar. Tooth next to implant seems to be moving?

I noticed about a week ago that the gap between the canine next to it and the lateral incisor seems to slowly be getting larger. Should I see my... READ MORE

Concerned about front teeth coming forward after placement of dental implant bridge? (photo)

I am a 61 yo healthy male who had implants at 14/15 (or 4/5 as some say) - upper right in any case - in late Sept. '16. Wore temp denture in between... READ MORE

Can a screw that has broken off of my front, dental implant into the gum be replaced on an implant that is 25 yrs old?

My dental implant is a front tooth that is almost 25 yrs old. The screw broke off in my gum a few years ago but didn't cause me any problems. Now it... READ MORE

My sutures came out and now the membrane is moving around, less than a week since extraction. Should I be concerned? (Photo)

I just had a molar extracted in prep for an implant a week ago (8/5) with a membrane placed on top and sutured together. No bone graft was necessary.... READ MORE

Receding gums very bad: I have been told that there is nothing I can do as it's gone too far. (photo)

I have a genetic form or gum disease that attacks the front teeth I have been told that there is nothing I can do as it's gone too far to get a gum... READ MORE

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