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What Are the Most Affordable Options for a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

What is the cost for an option with and without dental implants? READ MORE

I Am 26 Years Old and I Am Miserable. Can I Be Considered for Full Mouth Implants?

I have all my natural teeeth except 1. i need so much work done and redone. i am in so much pain due to my teeth. i have migraines due to my teeth and... READ MORE

How can I remove the "marble like" scar tissue inside my cheek after numerous periodontal surgeries?

After numerous surgeries (and complications) to repair a hole in my gum (after an implant) discovered by my dentist, I am now left with what my... READ MORE

Having implants one arch at a time. Would this will be okay ?

I am considering complete mouth restoration. Due to the cost of complete restoration, I m considering having one arch completed now and the other one... READ MORE

All remaining teeth must be removed, severe infection. Really want dental implants. Any suggestions?

I currently wear bad fitting partials. Went to the dentist because another tooth fell out. Was told I have severe infection throughout my mouth. The... READ MORE

Dental implants when your mouth is too small?

I recently had tooth #30 removed and a bone graft done on that site. The oral surgeon is suggesting a dental implant (this is the last molar I have on... READ MORE

I extracted all four of my molars recently but now my teeth especially the upper ones have shifted. What should I do?

I wasn't told to replace them so I just left the spaces empty ..Its being 5 months now and I am experiencing some drastic changes in my face.. my... READ MORE

Full mouth dental implant top and bottom vs braces?

Can a full mouth dental implant top and bottom be a effective alternative to braces? braces will cost me $9000 dollars and take over a year to move... READ MORE

Pain in jaw and mouth after implant removal and bone graft

I had old implants for dentures removed a month ago along with cadaver bone graft. Took antibiotics, rinsed mouth and was feeling better. Noticed a... READ MORE

Will my dental implants help smooth out any wrinkles on lower face? (photos)

I have lots of wrinkles around my mouth. will this lessen after implants completed READ MORE

Can I go through treatments of ultrasonic cavitation if I have dental implants?

I have a dental implant (titanium alloy I think) in my mouth. I was wondering if I could still go through treatments of ultrasonic cavitation on my... READ MORE

I have state insurance, can I get dental implants? An if not, how much would be a whole mouth implants?

I need all my teeth fixed. If I could get dental implants, how much a whole mouth would cost? Or would dentures be better? READ MORE

Can you get a partial on the top of your mouth without posterior teeth?

I have 6,7,8,9,10,and 11 on top and they are all crowns, can partials be attached without posterior? READ MORE

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