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What Are the Most Affordable Options for a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

What is the cost for an option with and without dental implants? READ MORE

I Am 26 Years Old and I Am Miserable. Can I Be Considered for Full Mouth Implants?

I have all my natural teeeth except 1. i need so much work done and redone. i am in so much pain due to my teeth. i have migraines due to my teeth and... READ MORE

How can I remove the "marble like" scar tissue inside my cheek after numerous periodontal surgeries?

After numerous surgeries (and complications) to repair a hole in my gum (after an implant) discovered by my dentist, I am now left with what my... READ MORE

Dental implants when your mouth is too small?

I recently had tooth #30 removed and a bone graft done on that site. The oral surgeon is suggesting a dental implant (this is the last molar I have on... READ MORE

Having implants one arch at a time. Would this will be okay ?

I am considering complete mouth restoration. Due to the cost of complete restoration, I m considering having one arch completed now and the other one... READ MORE

All remaining teeth must be removed, severe infection. Really want dental implants. Any suggestions?

I currently wear bad fitting partials. Went to the dentist because another tooth fell out. Was told I have severe infection throughout my mouth. The... READ MORE

I extracted all four of my molars recently but now my teeth especially the upper ones have shifted. What should I do?

I wasn't told to replace them so I just left the spaces empty ..Its being 5 months now and I am experiencing some drastic changes in my face.. my... READ MORE

Full mouth dental implant top and bottom vs braces?

Can a full mouth dental implant top and bottom be a effective alternative to braces? braces will cost me $9000 dollars and take over a year to move... READ MORE

Will my dental implants help smooth out any wrinkles on lower face? (photos)

I have lots of wrinkles around my mouth. will this lessen after implants completed READ MORE

Can I go through treatments of ultrasonic cavitation if I have dental implants?

I have a dental implant (titanium alloy I think) in my mouth. I was wondering if I could still go through treatments of ultrasonic cavitation on my... READ MORE

How much are implants for a full mouth?

Could really use some helpful hints and recommendations! Thank you READ MORE

Should I be concerned with my mouth?

I got born grafting done and my second implant. After a week some of my sutures have came out and now there are two holes in my upper jaw. I'm not... READ MORE

I have state insurance, can I get dental implants? An if not, how much would be a whole mouth implants?

I need all my teeth fixed. If I could get dental implants, how much a whole mouth would cost? Or would dentures be better? READ MORE

Can you get a partial on the top of your mouth without posterior teeth?

I have 6,7,8,9,10,and 11 on top and they are all crowns, can partials be attached without posterior? READ MORE

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