Molars + Dental Implants

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Should Lower Second Molars Routinely Be Replaced with Implants?

Should Lower Second Molars Routinely Be Replaced with Implants? READ MORE

I had a molar pulled on the upper left. One Dentist says must have implant, another says not true don't need it, who is correct?

I'm 60 had a molar extracted a year ago, upper left, was told by my brother NY dentist must have implant due to shifting teeth,lower tooth will rise... READ MORE

Replacing a Missing Molar

I had one bottom molar extracted about 15 years ago. The molar and the wisdom tooth behind that missing molar have since moved towards the front. I... READ MORE

Can You Eat Without Molars?

Hi, I am 53 years old and had #19 tooth removed. Will I be able to eat normally once the space is healed? Or do I have to get a bridge? READ MORE

Dental Implant Vs Braces

Hi Doctors, I am 28 years old. I have one missing molar on my lower jaw for 8 years. The teeth have shifted and I appear as angle. One dentist told... READ MORE

Dental Implant or Braces to Replace a Missing Molar?

I was giving 2 options by the dentist to replace an upper missing molar. One choice was an implant and the other choice was braces to close the space... READ MORE

Dental Implants 4 Years After Tooth Removal?

At 22 I had all 4 wisdom teeth extracted. 4 Years ago (age of 41), the dentist removed all four 2nd molars (so now 8 teeth are gone) as he said there... READ MORE

Why Does My Dentist Say I Cant Get an Implant for My Extracted Molar?

Hello, My dentist extracted my lower molar, because it's suffering with root infection and molar totally dead. At the time of extraction my... READ MORE

Dental Implants Odor - Inevitable Consequence?

I am having a crowned/root canal-treated lower molar extracted due to a possible decay issue, and it will likely be replaced with an implant. I have... READ MORE

Braces Before Molar Dental Implant?

Hi, I have two lower first molar taken out, I need to get braces to correct severe overjet/overbite issue. Do I need the braces first or dental... READ MORE

Is it normal to have so much pain after a dental implant?

Hello, I had one implant placed 1 week ago - it is for the 2nd molar in. Although the pain has improved somewhat, I am still unable to sleep without... READ MORE

14 days after dental molar extraction and bone graft and still having intense pain? Abx entire time now. (Phoot)

I had a root canal and crown on this tooth 3 yrs ago, began having pain again 1 mo ago, general dentist said infected and needs extracted. 14 days ago... READ MORE

I will be extracting my first molar. Braces or implant to close gap?

I will be extracting my first molar due to a failed root canal. The option given to me was to get braces or an implant to close the gap. I want to get... READ MORE

Consequence of not replacing an extracted molar?

My dentist has recommended extraction for the molar second from the right upper side end. I wouldnt like to go for a bridge to replace it.(the molar... READ MORE

Replace Second Molar with Wisdom Tooth or Implant?

I have removed my second molar and I am not sure what to do now. READ MORE

Why does my new molar implant keep getting infected? (Photo)

After bone graft + 9 mo healing I got a molar implant. 3 weeks of massive pain later, a boil formed. Dr. then replaced implant and put me on stronger... READ MORE

Molar Extraction and Implant Placement Recovery?

I recently cracked my 1st molar on the bottom that now needs to be extracted (previous root canal). There is no infection-it was an accident. I'm... READ MORE

What do you recommend, I've extracted one molar in my lower jaw. What are my options to fill the space? Can i leave it?

I'm a female, 32 years old I extracted all wisdom teeth (impacted) five years ago I have four molars after canian. This extracted tooth is the one... READ MORE

I have to decide between root canal or extraction and implant, I have internal resorption of my molar.

My dentist believes tooth #30 has internal resorption. I was given antibiotics to treat the infection. Now I must decide if I should attempt a root... READ MORE

Do I need a dental implant?

About one year ago I had to have the last molar on my lower left side pulled due to a broken root. After pulling the tooth, I also had a bone graft in... READ MORE

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