Missing Teeth + Dental Implants

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Can You Eat Without Molars?

Hi, I am 53 years old and had #19 tooth removed. Will I be able to eat normally once the space is healed? Or do I have to get a bridge? READ MORE

Replacing a Missing Molar

I had one bottom molar extracted about 15 years ago. The molar and the wisdom tooth behind that missing molar have since moved towards the front. I... READ MORE

No Upper Teeth- Need the Best Implant Procedure for Replacing Teeth. What Is It?

No Upper Teeth Need the Best Implant Procedure for Replacing Teeth READ MORE

Dental Implants 4 Years After Tooth Removal?

At 22 I had all 4 wisdom teeth extracted. 4 Years ago (age of 41), the dentist removed all four 2nd molars (so now 8 teeth are gone) as he said there... READ MORE

My Teeth Never Grew In!!! and Im 30? (photo)

Hi i`m 30 and have my canine baby teeth still on my upper jaw, as well as a hardy gap in my two front teeth as well as no wisdom, im sure its not due... READ MORE

Two Missing Teeth. Space Too Small for Two Implants. Options?

Hi Doctors, my husband has one missing tooth #5 for years, and the space became smaller. However, another one tooth (#4) needs to be extracted. If he... READ MORE

How long does a dental implant take to heal?

I will have a minor bone grafting and a single dental implant in a couple days to replace a missing tooth. I'm 34, healthy person. How long should I... READ MORE

Do Multiple Missing Teeth Cause Changes to Facial Structure?

As a child I never had preventive dentistry. If I had a problem with a tooth it was extracted. I began preventive dentistry in my 20's when I got... READ MORE

Is there an alternative to a dental implant when the lost tooth is surrounded by crowns? I cannot afford an implant!

Tooth #13 fractured after I fell down icy steps. Half of it broke off at or beneath the gums, but the other half is intact. However, the inside had... READ MORE

Implants Vs Moving Teeth? (photo)

I am missing my lateral incisors and my canines grew in their place (leaving me with a gap and a baby tooth) .I do not have enough room for implants... READ MORE

I Have a Tooth That Did Not Come In After Baby Tooth Was Pulled?

After I lost my baby tooth the tooth after it did not come down. I took an extra and the tooth is there. The tooth next to the empty spot is crooked.... READ MORE

When Should You Use an Essix Retainer for Missing Teeth?

I had lost two molars, one on each side, years ago and my dentist at the time put a spacer in. Ten years later it breaks. My new dentist try to... READ MORE

Congenitally Missing Lateral Incisors. Now Want Implants

I am ready to get implants for my congenitally missing lateral incisors. My gaps, #s 7 & 10, were considered too small for implants a few years... READ MORE

Can an orthodontist move my wisdom tooth forward to replace a missing molar?

I'm 30 and my wisdom tooth never erupted due to there being no space for it. My second to last molar needs to be extracted, but nstead of a tooth... READ MORE

Only Have One Central Incisor... What to Do? (photo)

My problem is that I only have one central incisor and crowding. The other tooth never came down. I don't have any gaps or spaces either for... READ MORE

Can Dental Implants Restore Face Shape?

Following tooth loss (3 on one side) my cheek has started to sag,I have been told i need a sinus lift and three implants but i have had conflicting... READ MORE

Missing First Front Tooth from Damaged Gums, Options for Filling the Gap?

My son is 8 years old. At age of 5 he damaged his gum above the first tooth. Now he doesn't have the adult first tooth. The dentist said for now... READ MORE

Will Dental Implants Restore Lost Volume in Face from Tooth Loss?

I'm considering getting Radiesse for lost hollows in face due to losing 3 upper molars 5 yrs ago. Would dental implants fill out the hollows or will I... READ MORE

Missing Permanent Tooth-braces or Implants, or Both?

I'm 27.My first lower molar is a baby tooth, no permanent tooth. Orthodontist says i can remove the baby tooth and push the other two molars forward... READ MORE

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