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I still have about half my teeth but am running out of chewing teeth.I do use a partial prosthetic but it is very uncomfortable and not practical for... READ MORE

Any suggestions on Dental Bone Loss?

I had mini-implants placed in my upper jaw in '09. A reputable source said the placement was fine. I questioned, because my gum and bone was receding.... READ MORE

What can be done for mini-implant site too high, rubbing against my tongue and temporary denture rocks?

4 weeks post extraction of 6 bottom teeth and placement of 3 titanium min-implants. 1 Implant rubs tongue, sore spot and is higher than the other two.... READ MORE

I need a full upper and a lower denture, save for one tooth remaining on my bottom jaw next to the eye tooth.

Should I have the one tooth on my bottom jaw removed before getting an impression? Can I get mini implants in Thailand so I am not using "Polydent" to... READ MORE

Are dental implants covered by insurance?

I've been thinking about getting mini dental implants instead of regular dentures. READ MORE

6 mini dental implants for lower jaw?

Had all teeth removed 4mnths ago.saw video that a dentist put out on internet it took him 10 minutes for him to install and put other part of implant... READ MORE

Flapless implants after tooth extractions.

3 days ago I had eight flapless implants (6 weeks after extractions) in preparation for upper and lower overdentures. The dentist said nothing except... READ MORE

Implant supported dentures: Mini Implants or Bar?

Hi there. I need all of my teeth replaced and while I'd love to do an all on 4 or all on 6, it's just not within my means. I've been looking into... READ MORE

Do I need implants or mini implants?

Are mini implants better than reg implants if you are replacing all teeth ? I have been on strong meds for 15 years . The meds and side effects have... READ MORE

About implant & over dentures; what is the maximum number of mini implants in the upper & lower ridges I can get?

What is the maximum number of mini implants & the maximum number of conventional implants in upper &lower ridges ? READ MORE

How long is the process of dental implants and does the process seem reasonable? (photos)

My dentist suggested 3 phases of which the sinus lift would be done in the 2nd phase. I went for another consultation and he suggested that the 1st... READ MORE

How long after full clearance of teeth do I have before mini implants need to be placed? Optimum period? (Photo)

. Mini implants for dentures my pref, based on budget . All my teeth are in very poor condition. , but I also have bad gag reflex, Want implants (... READ MORE

My doctor doesn't recommend mini implants -- what might be the reason? Are they safe?

I was told I'm not a good candidate for an upper all on 4 because of bone loss. My dentist said a standard implant won't fit, but by just little and... READ MORE

Mini implant denture support?

I am looking for a dentist in NY, CT or NJ who is proficient in mini implant supported upper denture. I would also like the phonars teeth. My dentist... READ MORE

Strength of Maryland Bridge vs Mini Implant

I just had my lower front tooth (#24) extracted and a bone graft put in. The space between my #23 and #25 teeth is 4.1mm. I have an overbite so my... READ MORE

I had 6 lower anterior teeth extracted and had 8 mini implants placed. I now wear a lower denture with o rings

I am 3 weeks post op and a cream color fibrinous material grows around and over the head of the implant.I brush about 3/4 of it away every night only... READ MORE

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