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I still have about half my teeth but am running out of chewing teeth.I do use a partial prosthetic but it is very uncomfortable and not practical for... READ MORE

Any suggestions on Dental Bone Loss?

I had mini-implants placed in my upper jaw in '09. A reputable source said the placement was fine. I questioned, because my gum and bone was receding.... READ MORE

What can be done for mini-implant site too high, rubbing against my tongue and temporary denture rocks?

4 weeks post extraction of 6 bottom teeth and placement of 3 titanium min-implants. 1 Implant rubs tongue, sore spot and is higher than the other two.... READ MORE

I need a full upper and a lower denture, save for one tooth remaining on my bottom jaw next to the eye tooth.

Should I have the one tooth on my bottom jaw removed before getting an impression? Can I get mini implants in Thailand so I am not using "Polydent" to... READ MORE

Flapless implants after tooth extractions.

3 days ago I had eight flapless implants (6 weeks after extractions) in preparation for upper and lower overdentures. The dentist said nothing except... READ MORE

6 mini dental implants for lower jaw?

Had all teeth removed 4mnths ago.saw video that a dentist put out on internet it took him 10 minutes for him to install and put other part of implant... READ MORE

Are dental implants covered by insurance?

I've been thinking about getting mini dental implants instead of regular dentures. READ MORE

Do I need implants or mini implants?

Are mini implants better than reg implants if you are replacing all teeth ? I have been on strong meds for 15 years . The meds and side effects have... READ MORE

How long after full clearance of teeth do I have before mini implants need to be placed? Optimum period? (Photo)

. Mini implants for dentures my pref, based on budget . All my teeth are in very poor condition. , but I also have bad gag reflex, Want implants (... READ MORE

About implant & over dentures; what is the maximum number of mini implants in the upper & lower ridges I can get?

What is the maximum number of mini implants & the maximum number of conventional implants in upper &lower ridges ? READ MORE

Strength of Maryland Bridge vs Mini Implant

I just had my lower front tooth (#24) extracted and a bone graft put in. The space between my #23 and #25 teeth is 4.1mm. I have an overbite so my... READ MORE

Can a large enough tooth be put on a single one day implant to be carved to look like 2 teeth and fill and the two?

If so I would like to considered 3 implants. I would like to have one implant fill in upper teeth 5&6 One fill in Upper teeth 12&13 and Lower teeth... READ MORE

Are you a functional orthodontist in or near Sacramento area with experiencing doing extraction reversal?

I am trying to find an functional orthodontist in or near Sacramento that has experience doing extraction reversal using appliances to re-opening... READ MORE

I had 6 lower anterior teeth extracted and had 8 mini implants placed. I now wear a lower denture with o rings

I am 3 weeks post op and a cream color fibrinous material grows around and over the head of the implant.I brush about 3/4 of it away every night only... READ MORE

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