Medicaid + Dental Implants

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Does Medicaid Cover Dental Implants?

I need a few teeth pulled, filled and implants to replace them. I can only pay with Medicaid. Who can I go to that would accept Medicaid? READ MORE

I Need a Partial I Am on Medicaid Florida? (photo)

Am on SSI I have 11 teeth missing had them taken out about 4 or 5 years ago and find my side of my face is sinking I am only 47 years old can anyone help? READ MORE

Medicaid, Dental Implants and a Receeded Gumline?

I am on medicaid. It is my only form of insurance. I live on a fixed income. Very fixed! I have missing teeth. That I lost to bone loss and Diabetes.... READ MORE

What is an alternative to dental implants?

I have lost several teeth to Diabetes over the past year and a half. As my gums healed my gum lines shrunk. When I went to my dentist the other day.... READ MORE

I Have Medicaid and I Wanted to Know if it Covers Implants?

Or if i could find a way to get implants or what plan can i use to cover for it? READ MORE

Where can I get help to pay for dental implants or find some at a reasonable price?

I went to a dentist for a consultation. He told me that it would cost $10,000 for him to give me implants and fix my overbite. The thing is. I just... READ MORE

2nd tooth and eye tooth fell out. I have Medicaid and need to know if this is covered?

My second tooth and eye tooth were a two piece bridge that was anchored by a post. The tooth came out, the was put in and the post broke inside my gum... READ MORE

I am not able to get false teeth. Mine were all pulled out while in prison. It's so hard trying to eat

I can't even get false teeth because I have such a bad underbite. my gums stay sore. will medicaid or medicare help me with this. READ MORE

I need to get all of my teeth removed do to medical reasons, and then get dentures. Would it be possible to do that on Medicaid?

My wife saw the dentist a couple of days ago, they do not take medicaid for adults and said the procedure would be about $20,000 to get all of her... READ MORE

I have full upper and lower dentures and want them replaced with implants. More than anything I want my smile back. Advice?

I don't want dentures at all I have heard implants may be covered under Medicaid Is this true. Can my dentures be replaced with implants that resemble... READ MORE

How Many Extractions is Covered on KY Medicaid CoventryCares for an Adult over 21 Years Old?

Also does it cover for them to be surgically removed or does it allow you to have all your teeth extracted so you can then purchase a full set of... READ MORE

Does Florida Medicaid cover dentures once in your life?

I live in north central Florida and am you and have very bad teeth that need to be removed but being so young I don't want to go around looking like... READ MORE

What does Medicaid cover? Will it cover dental Implants if I don't have permanent teeth behind my baby teeth? (photo)

I'm 17 years old and I have two baby teeth on the top and two baby teeth on the bottom and all four are in the front. The dentist said I don't have... READ MORE

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