Loose Teeth + Dental Implants

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Sudden Bone Loss Around One Tooth over 1 Year Time?

57 y.o. perimenopausal with severe bone loss and periodontal disease around one tooth; they feel it needs to be pulled and grafted. There is another... READ MORE

Is a cemented fixed bridge my only option for a ok teeth?

Ive had bad teeth all my life recently i got a bottom tooth pulled because it was loose due to bone loss i had a deep cleaning done and dentist said... READ MORE

I'm having pain with pressure, and some slight movement, after crown placed on implant. What could be happening?

I had implants placed on numbers 10 and 19 approximately 6 months ago. Everything has been going smoothly regarding the healing of the implants, etc.... READ MORE

Hours After Implant's Crown Was Installed, the Neighboring Front Teeth Feel Just Slightly Loose, Normal?

I'm a 48 year old male. Yesterday a new abutment and crown were installed on my implant to replace one whose abutment had come loose. Since then the... READ MORE

What is the best option for healing of the gums after removing all teeth to do implants?

40 yrs old. Female. Periodontal disease (genetic). Two loose front teeth. Gaps between teeth front teeth (lower) and shifting of top. Concerned about... READ MORE

Is there any way to save my dental implant? (Photo)

When I was a kid, my front adult tooth never came down. (It was impacted). Years of having braces later, I had an implant placed. Since I never had... READ MORE

What implant option do I have with severe bone loss?

The week of my 45th birthday my 11 year old permanent (?) (6 front teeth) upper bridge cracked horizontally across the front 4 teerh. And i know it is... READ MORE

Should I replace two loose teeth with individual implants or remove remaining top teeth and have All on Four procedure?

My dentist suggested individual implants for 2 loose front teeth. He said I will need to have bone inserted since the bone in that space is very... READ MORE

Will this dental bridge last? (Photo)

Teeth feel a bit loose, had bite adjusted. I feel like its too much for the teeth to hold. READ MORE

What is the likelihood that my loose molar can be saved?

I am a 37yo female with bone loss (former smoker). I found out today that I have a loose molar on the bottom left (mobile to dentist but I did not... READ MORE

I can see one of my tooth implants during the healing process. Is this normal? (photos)

I had a front tooth bridge removed recently as was getting loose. I opted for 2 transplant to support a new Bridge but now only after 4 weeks I see... READ MORE

I need to re do an implant. Can new implant surgery be successful?

Hi. I have already gone through dental implant surgery. The current implanted tooth is loose and dentist are saying to remove the implanted tooth and... READ MORE

I have had two dental implants for two years without any issues.

I ate a nut and now it feels like one is loose - like a suction feeling when I eat on that side. Is it just the tooth part that would be loose or the... READ MORE

Bad loose front tooth. Any suggestions? (photos)

I know it will need pulled. Should i just go see an oral surgeon? I have no dental insurance READ MORE

Is our speech affected by full mouth dental implant? (Photo)

I am 24 years old. I have loose front teeth because of periodontal disease. So I couldn't speak fluently. Also couldn't bite freely with my front row... READ MORE

Do I need to have an implant or can I save the tooth with cleaning from the hygienist and the gum healing itself?

My upper left side no 7 molar is loose and if I bite on something hard it pains. My no 8 tooth, wisdom tooth, is missing. I have some gum disease. My... READ MORE

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