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Is my gum healing properly? Why are the stitches coming out before time! (photos)

I have just extracted my tooth and a dentist put on the stitches and he told me they will come out in about two weeks time but it's been five days... READ MORE

Any suggestions for loose dental implant crown?

Dental implant upper right 5 done in may 2015 by 2 well qualified consultants. now september and feels a little loose. no pain what do you think has... READ MORE

Dental Implant or Superglue?

Hi All, im 33 yeas old and got a feel bad tooth. The one i worry the most is my front tooth.. 1 of them is loose and i cant really bite on anything... READ MORE

Can an Existing Female Inplant Where the Male Screw (Tooth) comes Loose, Be Repaired

Have had inplant for a number of years, but now the tooth comes loose and my dentist has to continually tighten the nut. Is there a procedure that can... READ MORE

Is it normal for my gum to be loose and fall away from jaw after getting my stitches out? (photos)

I got my stitches removed today (7 days after surgery). When I got home, I was eating lunch, I noticed that my outer gum was pulling away from my jaw.... READ MORE

Problems with dental implants. The bottom ones move, and cause pain. Can I have them fixed?

I had dental implants done in India. The bottom once are firm and perfect but the top once are loose and move and the slightest pressure causes... READ MORE

How long do I have to wait to replace the failed implant?

I got an implant on 42 back in September. In November, the implant was still a little loose so the implantologist "tightened" it in hopes that it... READ MORE

Because of perndonal I had my 4 front bottom teeth removed and a Maryland bridge was put in?

It has been over 25 years and now the bridge is loose do I need to replace it or what can I do? READ MORE

Implant abutment came loose from crown. Any suggestions?

Four yrs ago I got implants in both of my 2 front teeth. They were in the front so I chose to spend the extra $2,000 for porcelain abutments. Almost... READ MORE

Is it safe to leave a wobbly crown for doing braces for more than a year before implant?

The crown on my front upper tooth became wobbly after I bit into something hard. My dentist said there is not much tooth left to hold a new crown so... READ MORE

Can a failing dental implant be saved?

Can a failing dental implant be saved? Tooth #9. All was fine before I was fitted for my permanent crown. The took the temp off and put the temp back... READ MORE

Permanent dental bridge feels loose, what could this be? (photos)

I got my permanent dental bridge of front two teeth day before yesterday, it looks nice and does not hurt but I feel its slightly loose. It doesn't... READ MORE

My dental implant is loose and sore.

I've had the implant for over ten years, one of two bottom molars. The other implant is fine. Will the implant fall out or will it have to be... READ MORE

Can I use Dentemp O.S. Maximum Strength to replace my loose implant. I'm underemployed in Georgia w/ no dental insurance.(photo)

The tooth was put on in Michigan and I asked them to look at tight it back in December, but they only spent time for exrays & cleanings. READ MORE

What can I do to avoid the complications that I am having with my tooth implant?

I have had the screw come loose twice, and the screw break twice resulting in 4 separate visits to the Dr. over a two year period. The implanted tooth... READ MORE

Can I Get Two More Implants? I Already Have One.

1st Problem area: My right front number one tooth is an implant. The crown is loose so it comes out and I can slide it back on. 2nd problem area: my... READ MORE

Why does my gum feel loose after an implant?

I have implants replacing teeth 19 and 18 and the inside (lingual?) gum feels somewhat loose. It's barely noticeable and causes me no discomfort. My... READ MORE

Concerned about dental implant: Stitches becoming loose? (photo)

I had a root extraction, dental implant with bone graft as the buccal area was too thin and dentist thought the grey metal would show through. That... READ MORE

A Flexi Partial Was Recommended for Me Today

Greetings - My bridge has come loose and have actually come out of mu mouth quite often. Today my dentist recommended the above procedure. I am 44 and... READ MORE

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