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Dental Implants with Bone Loss on Jaw?

I have severe bone loss in my upper jaw, and the dentist wants to extract my teeth and give me dentures. I want dental implants, but with the amount... READ MORE

How Painful is It to Get Dental Implants?

Do most patients use narcotics to manage the pain, or is Advil and Tylenol enough? Do some people get headaches after the procedure? How often? READ MORE

Dental Implant Vs Braces

Hi Doctors, I am 28 years old. I have one missing molar on my lower jaw for 8 years. The teeth have shifted and I appear as angle. One dentist told... READ MORE

Maxillary Lateral Incisor Extraction Gaps Reopened for Implants? (photo)

I am a 19 year old male. A few years ago I had my maxillary lateral incisor peg teeth extracted and the gap closed up with braces. This was a big... READ MORE

I basically have no teeth and no bone in my jaw. Is there something anyone can do?

I have a full upper denture and significant bone loss, so eventually the denture will not hold. In addition, I had all but my eye teeth in my lower... READ MORE

Dental Implants First or After Facial Implants?

I am having 3 dental implants placed, and I am also having a paranasal implant, and manibular implants. Should I do dental implants first? How long... READ MORE

How long should I have pain and require painkillers after dental implant in lower jaw please?

I had a dental implant fitted 1 week ago in place of a removed lower molar (whiuch had been extracted 4 months ago and had healed well). The stitches... READ MORE

Why my lower denture with 2 implants keeps fall out?

Hi! My name is mr. Anatoly Strier. I have full lower jaw denture. Made 2 implants to hold it securely. My problem is technical: after 2-3 days the... READ MORE

Upper Jaw Surgery and Dental Implants to Replace Extracted Bicuspid Teeth?

I have a slightly deficient upper jaw and am told I am a candidate for surgery to bring the upper jaw forward. However, I also want three bicuspid... READ MORE

Gum and jaw swollen after dental implant.

I dont have photos, but the inside of my mouth is swollen, mostly my gums and jaw, it didn't really hurt until i tried to eat a sandwich. My dentist... READ MORE

Is swelling of the jaw normal after the initial drilling and replacing the first screw in the jaw bone normal

I had the initial work done 2 days ago. I have been taking antibiotics and rinsing with Hexiloc . I have had slight pain which has been controlled by... READ MORE

I Need to Have About 3 Dental Implants on Left Lower Jaw, and Had Bone Graft Done and Apparently It "Didn't Take", Next Action?

What would my next course of action be? Is there a specialist you could refer me to... I live in Pittsburgh area...also I am willing to travel. READ MORE

Overbite and Small Mouth/Jaw Size. Any suggestions? (photos)

Due to chemo and radiation treatments as an infant to the neck area, my jaw is lacking in size and masculine structure; it also killed the roots to my... READ MORE

Upper front four teeth gone along with jaw that holds them, what needs to be done? (Photo)

May 2, 2015 I was in a car accident and fractured my eye, broke my nose, diviated my septum, lost two fron teeth with one canine, they removed other... READ MORE

I had bone graft surgery for a dental implant in April. Wondering if I could be having a reaction to the titanium in the screw?

I have not felt the same since my surgery in April. At first I thought it was because of the antibiotics but as time went on I feel there is something... READ MORE

After having stem cell bone graft implant how long does it take to stop hurting a gum to look normal? (Photos)

10 days ago I had stem cell bone graft an implant I fainted after surgery an have felt horrible ever since I have a headache an the implant area is... READ MORE

How can I get my jaw back to its original position after my teeth were filed down; now causing TMJ problems?

I have periodontal disease, gum recedes with one of upper front teeth moving- class 2 and one and the gum specialist decided to fix the problem by... READ MORE

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