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I had a dental implant 5 months ago. How long do I have before adjacent teeth shift enough to cause crown placement issues?

I had a dental implant placed about five months ago by an oral surgeon. I am now halfway across the world from where I was and find myself without... READ MORE

I Need a Partial I Am on Medicaid Florida? (photo)

Am on SSI I have 11 teeth missing had them taken out about 4 or 5 years ago and find my side of my face is sinking I am only 47 years old can anyone help? READ MORE

Im 19 Years Old and I Need Full Mouth Implants. Would I Be Able To Secure A Payment Plan? (photo)

I've already had 5 teeth pulled. Almost everyone of my teeth have holes in them. 4 are broken. My whole bottom front teeth are revealing dentin.... READ MORE

Is It Okay to Save Money Using Two Different Dentists: One for the Extraction and the Other for the Dental Implant?

I have insurance that would cover a tooth extraction. However, I am considering getting a dental implant shortly thereafter from a specialist which is... READ MORE

I don't know if I'm missing lateral incisors but from the looks of it, I am. What can I go about fixing it? (Photo)

I have provided a picture and any insight would be appreciated. I've struggled with socializing due to my teeth and I feel it's time to fix them. I do... READ MORE

Should I have an implant for upper left molar that has a 6 yr old failed root canal, probably a cracked root?

I read about failures on upper molars and about issues not doing an implant, there is a lower molar (this top molar is the last one on top on the left... READ MORE

Follow Up to Answer on Medicaid, Dental Implants and Receded Gum Line?

Thank you so much for answering my question. But I wanted to know what fabricated dentures mean? Are they different from the normal dentures? My... READ MORE

Any implant Dr out there that offers any discounts? Can the cost come down any from anybody out there? I have insurance.

Specifics: I am 55. Maybe have 5 real teeth left. I have Delta Dental insurance. Poor. It is my greatest wish to be able to smile and not hide my... READ MORE

Dental implants for a decent price in Kansas?

Are there any good dentists that provide implants for a decent price in Kansas? I've had bad experiences with dentists that didn't want to take care... READ MORE

Dental implants Vs. partial denture; what type of cost am I looking at for both my options?

Hi, I have recently had teeth 7 and 8 extracted due to infection and failed root canal treatments. I don't have a lot of money at the moment, but i'm... READ MORE

It it safe to have post-grad dental clinic perform my tooth implant. Will quality suffer?

Root canal failed, led to extraction of lower left tooth in back (number 30?). I've already paid several hundred for extraction & bone graft. Private... READ MORE

Would you recommend a partial denture or three implants if missing teeth 6,7,10.

I am missing teeth 6, 7, and 10. I also need to get a crown on teeth 8 and 9. My dentist is recommending a maxillary partial denture for my missing... READ MORE

Options for payment to fix teeth instead of giving in and getting dentures?

Hello, I am a 24 year old mother. And growing up I did not have the best dental care. Soft teeth also run in my family, my grandfather, my aunt and my... READ MORE

Broken #5 tooth that needs to be removed.

Looking for an inexpensive replacement due to no insurance and being retired and on a fixed income. READ MORE

Is it possible to replace these teeth with fake ones? (Photos)

I really want to get braces but my dentist said since my jaw has already developed (I'm 18) I would have to get jaw surgery before getting braces. I'm... READ MORE

Can 2 implants be done separately, one per year after (so insurance can cover)?

Infected teeth w/ root canal 5 yrs ago, 2 of them, have to come off. Then bone graft due to bone loss. Periodontist said its best to do them together... READ MORE

Are dental implants covered by insurance?

I've been thinking about getting mini dental implants instead of regular dentures. READ MORE

How Many Extractions is Covered on KY Medicaid CoventryCares for an Adult over 21 Years Old?

Also does it cover for them to be surgically removed or does it allow you to have all your teeth extracted so you can then purchase a full set of... READ MORE

I have state insurance, can I get dental implants? An if not, how much would be a whole mouth implants?

I need all my teeth fixed. If I could get dental implants, how much a whole mouth would cost? Or would dentures be better? READ MORE

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