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Congenitally Missing Lateral Incisors. Now Want Implants

I am ready to get implants for my congenitally missing lateral incisors. My gaps, #s 7 & 10, were considered too small for implants a few years... READ MORE

Only Have One Central Incisor... What to Do? (photo)

My problem is that I only have one central incisor and crowding. The other tooth never came down. I don't have any gaps or spaces either for... READ MORE

How long would it take to open a gap between my canine and central incisors? (missing lateral incisors) (photos)

Now, I also have baby pre-molars that are adjacent to my canines. I wanted to know how long it would take to open a gap between my canines and central... READ MORE

Can my teeth be moved backwards/sideways to make spaces for lateral incisor implants? (photos)

Have congenitally missing upper laterals but unlike other cases I've seen there was barely any space for implants, rather, the rest of my teeth seemed... READ MORE

How Much Will Dental Implantates for the Upper 4 Incisors? (photo)

Hi, my name is Dominik, I'm from Germany, I'm 24 years old and I'm currently doing an internship in Greenville till the end of September. I want to... READ MORE

Upper lateral incisor is moving, what are the options to replace it? A bridge or an implant? (Photo)

For the lateral imcisor root canal treatment was done and it's now supported with a post..but the tooth is unstable and can fall any minute..I'm... READ MORE

How many anchor teeth required for 3-pontic bridge?

My partner went to two dentists who proposed fixed bridges which differed in the number of anchor teeth required. Three pontics are to replace the... READ MORE

Implant not aligned with teeth? (Photos)

I needed the implant on my left lateral incisor, I also had a baby tooth as my right which needed a crown. I got both done in same appointment. When... READ MORE

13 yr old daughter loosing both central and lateral incisors. Can't agree on treatment. What would you suggest?

My 13 year old daughter has total root resorption of both of her central incisors and her lateral insisors. She has a tiny mouth, and currently has no... READ MORE

I don't know if I'm missing lateral incisors but from the looks of it, I am. What can I go about fixing it? (Photo)

I have provided a picture and any insight would be appreciated. I've struggled with socializing due to my teeth and I feel it's time to fix them. I do... READ MORE

I'm getting Braces & my 2 central incisors need to be removed - Implant vs crown for central incisor? (photo)

I'll be getting braces and unfortunetly my two central incisor are not good they have to be ortodoncy and dentist are making me confuse what... READ MORE

Are dental implants my only option? (Photo)

Missing my lateral incisors and using a flipper. Are implants my only option to replace my flipper? Thank you! READ MORE

Am I an able candidate for canine substitution?

Hello, I have two congenitally missing lateral incisors and have already received orthodontic treatment and have since been fitted with two bridges.... READ MORE

Bridge or Implant? (photos)

I have a front incisor that previously had a root canal but has become damaged and needs to be removed. I can either get a bridge (which my insurance... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for lateral incisor implants? I am 20 years old. (Photo)

Hello! While I had braces, I had to get my lateral incisors extracted and instead of inserting implants where my lateral incisors should be, my... READ MORE

What are the different ways I can fix my cross bite with a bridge on my central & lateral incisors (9,10)? (photos)

My bridge is temporary, I didn't like the work done. It didn't look like my original teeth, my teeth were slanted, discolored & they left a gap... READ MORE

Can a temporary bridge cause the supporting tooth to move ?

The bridge is attached to the rear of the other front tooth (central incisor). The bridge is slightly protruding in front of the natural tooth. When... READ MORE

Orthodontics - Lateral incisors implant in 4mm space

I am going through orthodontics treatment and there is a requirement of lateral incisors implant. but doctor says since there is only 4mm space... READ MORE

In need of help! (photos)

I am looking so a dental office to help me with the financial portion of my dental implants. I am 24 years of age and been wearing a flipper for seven... READ MORE

I just got my retainers with a fake tooth 3 days ago. How long should I wait to get an implant?

So, I've always had a missing incisor, which messed up with the alignment of my upper teeth and so my other incisor didn't fully grow because of the... READ MORE

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