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How Painful is It to Get Dental Implants?

Do most patients use narcotics to manage the pain, or is Advil and Tylenol enough? Do some people get headaches after the procedure? How often? READ MORE

What Are the Steps to Two-stage Dental Implant Surgery?

How does two-stage surgery differ from one-stage surgery? READ MORE

What Circumstances Are Best for Dentures over Implants?

What are the benefits and drawbacks to implants? READ MORE

Is the Preparation for Dental Impants Included in the Total Cost?

Will a tooth extraction be extra or is it usually included in the price? What other preparatory things might not be part of the dental implants bill? READ MORE

Can I Continue Whitening While Healing from Dental Implant Surgery Since I Don't Have a Fake Tooth Yet?

I got dental implant surgery for 1 tooth a week ago. Can I continue to whiten during the 2-4 month healing process, before I get my permanent crown?... READ MORE

Are the Broken Screws my Fault or is This a Flaw in Their Work? (photo)

It took 3 years to finish getting new implants in my lower jaw supporting complete lower denture and (no implant) upper denture. They couldn't get the... READ MORE

Are Dental Implants the Best Choice to Replace Missing Teeth As Part of a Smile Makeover?

What other procedures might be advised because missing teeth for a smile makeover? Will gums need surgery too? Are dental implants low maintenance and... READ MORE

Is it a better option aesthetically to do a bridge across the front four teeth with two implants or individual implants?

I had a front tooth to break at the gum line that had a root canal and a crown so it needs an implant. Then I had surgery on my knee and during... READ MORE

After we have one or two implants installed, may we still consider to have whole mouth fixed dentures in the futuer?

After we have implants now, if we like to have whole mouth fixed dentures in the future, do we have to pull out the implants before we have whole... READ MORE

What is the minimum size of implant possible? Is fdp is better then implant? (Photo)

This is the current situation of my tooth... doctor suggest me for the fdp.. and for tht im confusd becos they would cut the natural teeth and then... READ MORE

Is it advisable or even possible to have all my back teeth individually replaced with implants? (Female/30's)

Hello. Due to undiagnosed chronic severe bruxism/clenching, all my molars and premolars are either badly root canaled/capped, absessed, cracked/broken... READ MORE

Bridge Complications vs Implant Complications; Best Choice?

I'm 20 yrs old. According to my dentist, I needed #19 extracted, huge abscess in lower left and had a crack in the tooth, that procedure is now done.... READ MORE

Dental procedures for missing front tooth, Any suggestion?

I'm 16 and I got my front right tooth knocked out at the age of 10. Right now all I have in is a fake tooth made onto my braces but it is almost time... READ MORE

Facial numbness after bone graft and implants?

6 days ago i had bone graft and 4 implants ib my liwwer jaw. Numbness never disappeared, its slightly less, but felt ob forehead. Sides and bridge of... READ MORE

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