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Is It Possible for Gum Tissue to Grow Together if Stitches Came out Too Soon ?

I had 4 lower dental implants with bone grafting, and my stitches came out within a couple of days. Now there is an open 'trench' between my gums... READ MORE

Is my gum healing properly? Why are the stitches coming out before time! (photos)

I have just extracted my tooth and a dentist put on the stitches and he told me they will come out in about two weeks time but it's been five days... READ MORE

How long does a dental implant take to heal?

I will have a minor bone grafting and a single dental implant in a couple days to replace a missing tooth. I'm 34, healthy person. How long should I... READ MORE

Are my gums healing properly following implant surgery? (photos)

I'm 9 days post op from implant surgery (2 lower). My stitches absorbed sooner than I expected and I just want to make sure my gum is okay even though... READ MORE

Should i be concerned about the exposure of the membrane on the side of my gum?

I recently had a tooth extraction and bone graft done for implant preparation of a back molar. A barrier membrane was used. After my two week post opp... READ MORE

Temporary tooth options while implant is healing in the smile zone?

Tooth #4 failed root canal from crack. Needs extortion. I will get implant but cannot get immediate load of the crown. Other than a flipper what kind... READ MORE

Is my bone graft failing?

I've had a permanent bridge running between my eye teeth for 17 years and it was failing. 5 weeks ago I had it removed, my eye teeth were extracted,... READ MORE

One implant on lower jaw has no healing cap as well, are the healing caps critical for the healing?

I have eight extractions and six implants were placed at the same time. Three more implants on upper jaw but have no healing cap placed on them after... READ MORE

Will my gums heal back and look normal? Right now it looks different (Photo)

I just got an implant today I'm extremely said because I'm afraid my crown will no longer be parallel to the tooth next to it meaning my smile will no... READ MORE

Healing Abutment and Cautery. Does healing abutment reduce need to trim the gum?

Is it advisable to skip the healing abutment? eg. fix the permanent abutment & within 2 weeks, the crown via cement-retained restoration and any... READ MORE

I have some dental implant complications, giving me pains. Any suggestions?

Hello, I had a dental implant done in April and then a healing collar on. It never felt quite right to me during the entire process. The final crown... READ MORE

How long does nerve damage from a dental implant take to heal?

I had 2 implants removed 3 weeks after placement because of nerve damage. It has now been 10 month and I still do not have full feeling in my chin,... READ MORE

How long should I have pain and require painkillers after dental implant in lower jaw please?

I had a dental implant fitted 1 week ago in place of a removed lower molar (whiuch had been extracted 4 months ago and had healed well). The stitches... READ MORE

Can Dental Implant Placement Be Modified After Healing? (photo)

Long story short. Have had recommended bone grafting, crown lengthening, and gingival modification all to place implants for # 8,9,10. 8 and 9... READ MORE

Dental Implants First or After Facial Implants?

I am having 3 dental implants placed, and I am also having a paranasal implant, and manibular implants. Should I do dental implants first? How long... READ MORE

Abutment showing through gum line. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am a few days away from placing my permanent crown for a dental implant. I have noticed the healing abutment showing through my gum line, very... READ MORE

What are the causes that make an implant healing cap fall out - get unscrewed?

Can the gingiva make the healing abutment fall out if it was too tightly stitched? If the gingiva has closed over the implant and patient is... READ MORE

Should I be worried about white stuff around gums after dental implant? (Photo)

I got a dental implant an bone graft done a little over a week ago i feel like healing is going fine but i have very loose stitches an this white... READ MORE

Placement of healing caps on implants on day 16 post op, is this a good idea?

Post Op, 15 days. Day 9 experienced, interior swelling in salvary glands (under tongue), two outside lesions on face unresponsive to antibiotics. Feel... READ MORE

Dental Implant 5 days ago. Circle of white gum tissue around it. Do I need to worry that things are not healing right?

Had a molar dental implant 5 days ago in lower jaw and there is a circle of white gum tissue around the metal implant that is exposed. Do I need to... READ MORE

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