Gum Disease + Dental Implants

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Is It Good to Get Your Whole Mouth Done with Dental Implants and What Are the Affects of a Long Term Smoker and Dental Implants?

I have gum disease and my teeth are falling out 1by1 and I really want to get these teeth out of my mouth and either get some implants are dentures... READ MORE

Can a dental implant get infected after 4 years?

I have a gum infection above my dental implant which i had 4 years ago,i have no pain but redness and swollen gum with white liquid oozing out.please... READ MORE

Can an antibiotic cure a gum infection/disease or do I have to get it pulled? (photo)

My front tooth was knocked out and has been dead for many yrs and had a root canal. Now the gum has receded a lot and my dentist says there is an... READ MORE

Are there any small permanent dentures that can be fixed to other teeth for the 4 front bottom teeth? (photos)

I have a gum disease, that wasnt treated in the past and lead me to my actual situation. My main question is about the bottom jaw, the 2 main front... READ MORE

Are there any programs available to help with the out of pocket expense for implants due to severe bone loss from gum disease?

I was receiving treatments for gum disease (under the gum cleanings) The pain was so severe I could not handle the treatments. The cold water & the... READ MORE

I've Had Two Teeth, Which Were Crowned, Extracted Due to Gum Disease. I'll Be Going Through the Bone?

I've had two teeth, which were crowned, extracted due to gum disease. I'll be having bone grafts and implants. How long should I expect to wait... READ MORE

I am wanting to know if it is possible receive a dental implant and then realign the front four teeth back? (photo)

I know i have periodontitis after reseaching the disease. The tooth next to it is also loose but i have minimized the gum recession. I am wanting to... READ MORE

My name is Michelle, I am 45 and 3 months ago had a full extraction done due to gum disease. Will I be able to get dentures?

My question is this my dentist says I have a low ridge top and bottom and doesn't know if I will be able to wear dentures due to lack of bone, but we... READ MORE

4mm Gap in front upper tooth & one teeth on side of gap needs removing. What are my options? (photos)

My dentist said one of my upper teeth needs removing (right of to the gap - see photo) because of bone loss and gum disease. It has stop bleeding... READ MORE

Should I have my implants removed due to constant clicking and crunching noises in my jaw? Is this causing more bone loss?

Everyone is talking about infection, gum disease/recession...what about constant clicking and crunching noises in the implant areas after 6 months... READ MORE

Can having bad gum disease stop you from being able to get implants?

I have really bad gum disease , I need all my teeth pulled I was hoping to be able to get implants in the near future but I'm not sure if they will... READ MORE

What is the best way forward after being diagnosed with gum disease (once treated) ? Keep your teeth or have implants?

Info states once you have gum disease you have it for life, or does this just mean the damage is permanent? Info also states gum disease can cause... READ MORE

Adult with baby tooth and had an incidence of gum infection. Is extraction and implant needed immediately?

I'm 32 and one of my lower left molars is still a baby tooth with no permanent underneath. There was never any problem with it until 3 month ago when... READ MORE

After extractions because of advanced gum disease, can something be done to improve bone loss for implants in the future?

I am having my loose upper teeth extracted because of advanced gum disease. I have substantial bone loss. I will get an upper denture. In the future I... READ MORE

Do I need to have an implant or can I save the tooth with cleaning from the hygienist and the gum healing itself?

My upper left side no 7 molar is loose and if I bite on something hard it pains. My no 8 tooth, wisdom tooth, is missing. I have some gum disease. My... READ MORE

Is brushing of teeth required after dental implants?

I have limited use of my arms/hands, and cannot brush my teeth. My dentist has recommended that my teeth be removed and implants put in, due to severe... READ MORE

Dentist or orthodontics help me? Gingevectomy surgery price? Single tooth implant price? Any Iinformation? (Photos)

My gums are extremely swollen and sore after getting double powerchains put on my fast braces.Before I had any of this put on my gums was normal.My... READ MORE

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