Full + Dental Implants

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I Am 26 Years Old and I Am Miserable. Can I Be Considered for Full Mouth Implants?

I have all my natural teeeth except 1. i need so much work done and redone. i am in so much pain due to my teeth. i have migraines due to my teeth and... READ MORE

Contemplating Dental Implants. Dentist Says All Done in One Day? Really?

Need full set. Car accident took most of the front out and pregnancy with four children took the back molars. My dentist states pulling the rest,... READ MORE

Had a Consult Done, is $45,000 too Much for a Full Set of Implants?

I simply cant afford $45,000.i went 2 a dental implant center.thats what they quoted me. they made it clear that i cant wait any longer. the problems... READ MORE

With a full lower denture, will there still be the problem of food partials getting under denture and causing pain?

With a full lower denture will the pressure when chewing on the implant instead of the gum,also will there still be the problem of food partials... READ MORE

Will I be able to smoke marijuana after my dental implants have healed completely even with a bone graft?

I smoke marijuana on the daily. I just didn't know if I could smoke it right away or if I have to wait the full healing to start smoking again? READ MORE

How old is too old to get full dental implants?

I have had upper dentures since I was in my early 20s, but could not wear the lowers, therefore the gums receded a bit. READ MORE

What are the advantages of a full arch bridge vs. multiple smaller bridges? Will a full arch be hard to fit?

Have 2 implants 12, 14 waiting for bridge. 10, 11 are fine. 9 has implant and crown. 3 has implant waiting for crown. Positions 4-7 are occupied by a... READ MORE

Should I also consult a periodontist besides a prosthodontist regarding possible full mouth extraction and implants?

I'm 30-year old and had been neglecting dental care. I saw a general dentist recently for the first time in a long time. After examining my mouth and... READ MORE

Am I suitable for getting full dental implant in the upper and lower jaw? (photos)

As I've severe bone loss in lower front jaw and minor bone loss in upper front jaw. I could not use my front row teeth for biting food. so I would... READ MORE

How much are implants for a full mouth?

Could really use some helpful hints and recommendations! Thank you READ MORE

How long should I wait to get full mouth implants after all my teeth have been extracted?

Hello my name is Gloria. I was wondering what are my best options for getting implant put in my mouth after getting 29 teeth removed all at the same... READ MORE

I had a full upper denture, but the center piece makes me gag and the 2 side pieces are too long. I wanted implants.

The dentist took x-rays and said that the only way to get implants was to use a bar under the gum that the implants would be attached to. The cost... READ MORE

Need advice for infected, disloged implant.

I've had 3 implants for not quite 10 years and the dentist was horrible! 1 implant became infected and fell out after it fell out the pain lessened... READ MORE

I've had a full set of dentures since 1983, is it possible for me to get implants?

Since I've had a full sey since 1983, is it possible to get implants? I'm 61 yrs old. Or should I just get a better fitting set? READ MORE

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