Fracture + Dental Implants

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Buccal Bone Loss - Can I Get an Implant?

I recenlty had a fractured tooth/root extracted #7. I was told I might not be able to get an implant due to buccal bone loss. I think he said I have... READ MORE

Autotransplant Possible? Unerupted Wisdom Tooth to Fractured 1st Molar? (photo)

My lower left 1st Molar is fractured with RCT completed & is likely to be either extracted or crowned. My friend (not a dentist) suggested an... READ MORE

Best Way Forward?

All on 4 implants placed in maxilla (7 years) and prosthesis has fractured twice and cracked 3 times necessitating the construction of another one.... READ MORE

Could I fracture my implant from trauma?

I have tooth #8 implant done 1 yr and 4 months ago. It is very stable and i dont have any problems with it. Few days ago, i was hanging up my pants... READ MORE

What would cause a dental implant to fracture?

The outermost 1/3 of a dental implant completely fractured, came loose and needed to be removed. The remaining 2/3 are still in the jaw. READ MORE

What cost is fair to negotiate? Who is at fault here? What legal recourse do I have?

After 4 years my dental implant in the back upper molar is fractured and I was told it is due to loading and not an infection. But I wear a night... READ MORE

Is a post required in a front tooth? Has a crack up the side and has been root canaled.

Fell on my front tooth two months ago and it cracked but did not break. Hurt on and off and was sensitive to cold so it was root canaled by an endo.... READ MORE

Root canal in the past, now signs of fracture/perforation. Doctor recommended implant. Any suggestions? (photo)

I had a root canal done on tooth #13 some years ago, also a crown placed on the same tooth. No problems until recently the crown came off while... READ MORE

Fractured front left upper crowned incisor - implant needed with bone graft v bridge. Not having a denture!

Top left front crowned since I was 11. Now fractured, I have an infection in the gum. had a consultation for an implant & told will need a bone graft... READ MORE

How urgent is it to extract the root if there is some decay and a suspected small fracture in the root to prepare for an implant

The crown and post are re-glued & are relatively stable, how urgent is it to extract the root and prepare for an implant? What are the negative... READ MORE

I have a fractured tooth under the gumline with a 7mm pocket. How long can I hold off on a tooth extraction and impant?

I have a facture on tooth 9 underneath the gum line which is causing gum pocket of 7mm. My dentist suggested to extract the tooth and place a implant.... READ MORE

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