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How Much Does It Cost for Tooth Replacement

How much does it cost for tooth replacement, After becoming pregnant I had serious gum problems which has made the gum reseed on my bottom 2 teeth.... READ MORE

I am 65 years old and I would like a tooth implant. Am I too old to have one?

I am a 65 year old woman in good health. However within the last year, I have lost 2 teeth; they become loose and fall out. I brush and use a water... READ MORE

What do you recommend, I've extracted one molar in my lower jaw. What are my options to fill the space? Can i leave it?

I'm a female, 32 years old I extracted all wisdom teeth (impacted) five years ago I have four molars after canian. This extracted tooth is the one... READ MORE

Is Ultherapy Safe with Dental Implants?

I am 50 years old woman, had gold threads implanted in my cheaks 11 years ago. Teeth implants also. Can I consider Ultherapy and is it worth just... READ MORE

Dental implants vs full upper and lower denture. How much of a role does each play in maintaining a woman's youthful appearance?

Dental implants vs: dentures: I am 60 years old. Recently I was told that the remaining teeth I have in my mouth (which are capped) all need to be... READ MORE

About implants: I have had two implants put in bottom jaw (photos)

Hi my name is Marlene I have had two implants put in bottom jaw I have been like this for about 16months or more I have had no teeth for about 10years... READ MORE

I have a huge what I believe to be a abscess above one of the teeth that had the root canal done. (photos)

I had a root canal done on my two front teeth about 26 years ago when I was 8. I am 34 now. I have had temporary crowns and posts that have all fallen... READ MORE

I'm healthy female non smoker, with infection 1 wk post dental implant. Finished antibiotics, good oral hygiene. What can I do?

#17 and #18, premed with 600 clindamycin, 150 TID after, peridex BID. 1wk later, my cheek aches w sensitivity to extreme cold, abruptly today, same... READ MORE

Got a front dental implant put in two weeks ago. A couple days ago swallen upper lip. Is my implant failing? (photo)

I started feeling discomfort under my nose like I was getting a pimple. Woke up with a swallen area above my upper lip. When I touch under my nose on... READ MORE

Can an antibiotic cure a gum infection/disease or do I have to get it pulled? (photo)

My front tooth was knocked out and has been dead for many yrs and had a root canal. Now the gum has receded a lot and my dentist says there is an... READ MORE

Can Titanium dental implants leach into bloodstream? What are the long-term risks to one's health (female) from having implants?

What are some common risks/cons that are associated with having titanium dental implants? Can the metal leach into the bloodstream? Any adverse... READ MORE

How Long Pain Will Remain, Since Surgery 9 Dental Implants Plased and Root Amputation Tooth #30?

My Mother 81 years old had this surgery on January 16, 2013 (no diabetes, no any medication for osteoporosis). 9 implants had place:... READ MORE

For missing front tooth which is better, three teeth bridge or an implant? (Photo)

I am a 36 year old female, when I was 9 years old I had trauma to my front tooth.When I was 17, the dentist put a post in to my gums and a crown on... READ MORE

What is the best option for healing of the gums after removing all teeth to do implants?

40 yrs old. Female. Periodontal disease (genetic). Two loose front teeth. Gaps between teeth front teeth (lower) and shifting of top. Concerned about... READ MORE

I would like information on the pros and cons of sinus lift versus sinus pop up relating to dental implants.

I am a 57 year old woman. I was told by one dentist I would need full sinus lift and by another dentist that a sinus pop up would be fine. Can you... READ MORE

13 yr old daughter loosing both central and lateral incisors. Can't agree on treatment. What would you suggest?

My 13 year old daughter has total root resorption of both of her central incisors and her lateral insisors. She has a tiny mouth, and currently has no... READ MORE

Problem with dental implants and crowns.

My wife very recently received dental implants and crowns replacing two rear molars in her upper right jaw. There is a visible gap between them and... READ MORE

How long does implant take to have good look?

My sister (15 years old) have four upper teeth broken. She's going to take implants. How long does it take to get it ready? Not to be very done, but... READ MORE

What kind of procedure, cost, and recovery time am I looking at for canine teeth dental implants?

I'm a 24 year old girl with two badly impacted canine teeth. My ortho told me an oral surgeon can extract both my baby and adult canine teeth and have... READ MORE

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