Failure + Dental Implants

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Replacement of Failed Dental Implant?

I have a dental implant placed at #19 6 yrs ago. 2 yrs ago, it has periimplantitis. Another periodontist treated it by removing crown and flap and GBR... READ MORE

One implant is showing well above the gum line. Has it failed?

Does the fact that one implant of two, side by side is now much higher out of the gum line mean that it is a failed implant? READ MORE

Who should pay for the crown with an implant failure?

Zimmer will replace the implant; however, the dentist will require the patient to pay again for the crown and the attachment to the crown. $990. Is... READ MORE

On the 15th Day of Previously Placed Implant #5, After Pain Suffer, Implant Failed. Is Safe to Do Again?

My Mother, 81 years old, no diabetes, no any injection or medication for osteoporosis, but she has osteoporosis going on. On the 15th day after... READ MORE

How long do I have to wait to replace the failed implant?

I got an implant on 42 back in September. In November, the implant was still a little loose so the implantologist "tightened" it in hopes that it... READ MORE

Why would my dental implant fail?

I had an Astra tek dental implant put I at site number 3 in oct 2012. I had it taken out yesterday because the crown was moving because of implant... READ MORE

Full Dental Implants - Are Failure Rates Higher?

I am scheduled for implant surgery in February and am getting really scared. They are doing a full implant, pulling all my upper teeth at once... READ MORE

Failed implants at age 14, suffered severe chronic infection resulting in significant bone loss, I am now 31. (Photo)

31 & missing 6 teeth w/ the expectation to loose at least 3 others in the near future. Car accident age 12 resulting in loss of teeth so i got... READ MORE

Has my dentist screwed up my implants? (Photo)

While drilling my dentist broke some piece of bone. His helper said, "oh it broke!". But they did not tell me anything. He chipped off pieces of bone... READ MORE

Bone graft after failed implant? (photos)

I had 2 TRI implants placed 14th April 2015, both got rejected and are exposed, mobile, needing to be removed. However one surgeon is keen to do bone... READ MORE

Could pregnancy cause dental implant failure? I can't seem to find any information about this.

, but I am wondering if there is any reason to believe a pregnancy could cause dental implant failure? I have 4 upper implants supporting an over... READ MORE

Abscessed second molar (#30) from failed root canal. Try to save or go for implant?

I'm 24. Tooth #30 is crowned & suffers chronic abscess (~5 years) from root canal failure. I don't want to live with a dangerous infection but I'm... READ MORE

Failed dental implants. Can the implants stay and a removable denture be used?

Had four dental implants installed three and half months ago. With three still loose and one tight for full upper plate. I was told my bones are not... READ MORE

When is the most fragile time for failure of implants?

4/8/2016 I had dentures and had them for 12 yrs. And needed a new set. I always had issues with the bottom ones. The dentist told me about the... READ MORE

Implants to dentures if implants ultimately fail?

How difficult is it to prepare the gums, bone, etc., to dentures if implants fail after all attempts ultimately fail? READ MORE

My canine implant failed 2 times and this is the third time for me. Is there any chance for it to be successful ? (Photo)

After two months it was checked by my doctor and implant was moveable.The gum around it is receding back and there are no other signs and symptoms of... READ MORE

What does the warrantee on dental implants cover in case of failure of the implant itself? (photos)

I had dental implants done about one and a half years ago, and one of the implants itself has broken. I understand the broken implant now has to be... READ MORE

Is Straumann better than Astra?

My 2009 Astra implant just failed. A teaching Implant doc says astra was top of line until bought out, but not anymore. He also says strauman's wide... READ MORE

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