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Recommendations for Oral Surgeon with Reasonably Priced Dental Implants?

Five years ago, I lost my two front teeth after falling on a rock. Now I have braces on, the orthodontist told me to get my braces first then have my... READ MORE

How old do you have to be to get gum surgery?

My younger brother is 14 and he get his braces off in 4 weeks, But his teeth are extremely small. I know there is a gum surgery that removes some of... READ MORE

Where can you get reasonable implants price for like under $10,000?

How can I find a cheap place to get implants. need upper an lower set READ MORE

I Need to Have About 3 Dental Implants on Left Lower Jaw, and Had Bone Graft Done and Apparently It "Didn't Take", Next Action?

What would my next course of action be? Is there a specialist you could refer me to... I live in Pittsburgh area...also I am willing to travel. READ MORE

I need a dental implant, what kind of doctor should I see?

My front tooth broke and I had it extracted. I now need an implant. I have 2 consults this week. 1 with a periodontist, 1 with a oral surgeon. Who is... READ MORE

I need 2 dental implants. I live in Philadelphia. Where is a good place with reasonable prices? (Photo)

I but a crab and the shell got caught in my gums and when I took it out my tooth was in it. Also a had 3 side/back teeth pulled, I just need to... READ MORE

How to find dental office or clinic qualified coast officiant tooth extraction and implant to replace the extracted tooth?

The tooth originally needed a cap the wall has broke and the tooth itself is broken through the middle the wall was taken out because it was loos and... READ MORE

Dental implants for a decent price in Kansas?

Are there any good dentists that provide implants for a decent price in Kansas? I've had bad experiences with dentists that didn't want to take care... READ MORE

Good Dentist in Mumbai?

Can anyone suggest a good dentist in Mumbai for root canal treatment? READ MORE

Need to replace front two to three teeth. Which treatment or surgery do I need? (Photo)

My front upper two to three teeth are very wide and larger. It's coming too front and covering lower teeth also. Doctor please give me some... READ MORE

Single dental implant needed in Atlanta (Photo)

Hello! I am looking for a reputable doctor in Atlanta to do a single implant, crown, and partial or Essix retainer with temporary tooth. I am ideally... READ MORE

How to find the best dental implant doctor in the Chicagoland area?

Hi, I have a diabetes. Due to this, I have lost my backside teeth from upper & lower jaws. Currently, I am wearing partial denture but if I want... READ MORE

Dental implant supported restoration without bone graft?

I want the procedure that does not require bone graft that Clear choice offers, but don't feel comfortable with Clear choice because they are so... READ MORE

What would I do w/ empty hallow space on tooth 7? Extracted and was put bone graph? Any suggestions? (photos)

What is there to do with empty space above tooth #7? Add more bone graph? wait months to see healing ( extracted 9/27 - bone growing on itself? what... READ MORE

San Fernando Valley Dental Implants Dentist Recommendations

I'm looking for dentist that can do mini dental implants in San Fernando Valley. Please help. READ MORE

I am Zambian. I want to have an implant. How can you help me. How much is it going to cost me???

I would like to have a lower molar tooth implant. How much is it likely to cost me? How can we meet so that you implant it READ MORE

Cost of upper & lower Denture Implants & a Dentist in my home town that does this?

I'm 53 yrs old & lost 19 teeth & age 27 due to a pin left in from a root canal done 5 yrs prior. My face began to swell & within a few hrs I was in an... READ MORE

Can any other dentist finish a Tooth implant?

I had toothe implant put in dentist died office closed. I need to finish putting the abatement and the crown. Can any other dentist finish it up or I... READ MORE

How long do partials hurt and is it ok to wear them if you want implants?

I had two bottom front teeth pulled Mon. I have a partial and it hurts so bad to put it in, that it makes me cry. How long will the pain continue? I'm... READ MORE

Difficult situation, I need a good dentist! (Photo)

Hi doctors I would love for someone to help me . I am 18 years old I had cancer when I was 5 , came back when I was 15 . I had treatments done w/... READ MORE

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