Discomfort + Dental Implants

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What Are the Pros and Cons for the Dental Implant Pins for Dentures?

I currently have lower dentures and am considering the implant pins. My dentures are very uncomfortable and I don't enjoy eating anymore. I cannot eat... READ MORE

Throbbing/discomfort in upper gum. Are my implants the cause?

Area around one of my upper teeth (second molar with mercury filling) has started pulsating and slightly tingling. Not painful, just irritating. Also... READ MORE

#13 tooth has a root canal, no crown. Have discomfort around tooth in the sinus area.

One x-ray shows crack and another no crack. One dentist (crack) want extraction, bone craft and implant, the other (no crack) says sinus infection, I... READ MORE

Should I have a dental implant removed that I had put in over 5 years ago due to pain and discomfort a good deal of the time?

I had a dental implant over five years ago by a perodontist/ implant specialist. I had a bone and skin graft when they put it in. Last year, I had... READ MORE

Off and on implant pain/discomfort.

I had a implant done 3 years ago on tooth number 8. Once a year I get some pain at the implant area, seems to go away by itself. Every time I get... READ MORE

Should a implant when removed have a foul over powering smell?

Had a back molar implant done by a dual certified perio and prosodonti st waited the appropriate amount of time then placed the crown on 2 months ago... READ MORE

I have an infection and bone loss on my implant. How much discomfort can I expect with implant removal and bone grafting?

I've had the implant 13 years and have significant bone loss. There are no other teeth on one side of implant and I'm told it does the work of 4 teeth... READ MORE

Could I fracture my implant from trauma?

I have tooth #8 implant done 1 yr and 4 months ago. It is very stable and i dont have any problems with it. Few days ago, i was hanging up my pants... READ MORE

Mobility in the Implants when I touch my gums not feeling any pain, itching, or anything. What is the reason? (photos)

In 2011 I placed them. In 2015 I felt a very miniscule movement. The mobility was that small that my surgeon could not feel it when I went for control... READ MORE

Why do the gum triangles seem to shrink up in between the veneer implants? Why constant discomfort on the gum triangle​?

Since my veneer implants on my top 10 teeth I feel a constant discomfort around the gum triangle area between the teeth. Sometimes when it is really... READ MORE

A week ago I had a bone transplant onto my molar transplant of 6 yrs. ago.Why am I still in considerable pain?

I have had a Followup appointment with my oral surgeon and was informed, "All's going well".In spite of the prescribed pain killer, I am in discomfort... READ MORE

I recently had 6 upper molars extracted along with wisdom.

I just had 6 molars extracted (upper) and they gave me temporary partials I hate them they are uncomfortable and food gets in between and hurts upper... READ MORE

I had a molar extracted and bone graft done. Sutures fell out 8 days after extraction and I feel a hole. Is this normal?

Mostly concerned that I need to contact a doctor? A little discomfort and I feel the hole with my tongue. Is this normal? I have had little pain,... READ MORE

Feeling discomfort after 2 weeks with a pin for dental implant, is that normal? (Photo)

After 2 weeks the pin procedure for implant, I'm felling little disconfort when I'm going to sleep, which I feel better when I take advil. Is that... READ MORE

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