Discoloration + Dental Implants

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Hockey Stick Knocked out my Front Tooth? (photo)

My front left tooth is turning black. It was knocked back and almost all the ways out with a hockey 3 weeks ago. It was put back in place by my... READ MORE

I have discolored crown followed by dental implants. Why is my implant color black? (photos)

I had my crowns fitted yesterday after lateral incisor implantation (both sides). I understand why my gums are slightly discoloured (thin gums, metal... READ MORE

Replace 10years Old Implant Crown?

I did a removable implant on one of my front teeth 10 years ago. it doesn't look match another. I would.like to get a new match crown. do i need to... READ MORE

Cosmetic Dentistry Options?

My teeth and gums are in very good condition but are unattractive in several ways: color, bad orthodontic decisions (a tooth was extracted because it... READ MORE

What should I do? Get a dental implant after braces or before? (photos)

I got pushed into a dresser by my crazy step dad when i was younger n my right front tooth is now a dead tooth and discolored than the rest. I had no... READ MORE

What are the different ways I can fix my cross bite with a bridge on my central & lateral incisors (9,10)? (photos)

My bridge is temporary, I didn't like the work done. It didn't look like my original teeth, my teeth were slanted, discolored & they left a gap... READ MORE

Discoloration of implant front teeth. Is this normal?

Had implants for 5 upper front teeth, holding on two implants, these 2 implants the porcelain crown are turning blueish.grey color. Is this normal? I... READ MORE

Best course of action for aligned botton tooth/teeth, Implants or Veneers? (photos)

What would be the best procedure to fix my misaligned bottom tooth/teeth. My bottom set arent exactly the straightest but they dont bother me apart... READ MORE

Would getting permanent false teeth in front be a good idea? How much will it cost?

I have severe discoloration in all of my front teeth due to enamel loss. They appear see through/greyish brown on certain teeth. I'm only 20 years old... READ MORE

Does my bridge really need to be replaced? One tooth broke and discolored in current bridge.

Ive had my dental porcelain bridge for 7 years, on the right side, one tooth broke the dentist said it was discolored and it could not be fixed,... READ MORE

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