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Tooth With Decay Under Gums, Do I Need Braces or Implants?

I have a tooth that had a root canal many years ago. It now has decay under the gum. My dentist says I can get braces to pull what is left of my tooth... READ MORE

How Will Dental Implants Affect the Future Braces? (photo)

After years of suffering from bulimia, i'm finally paying the price with decaying teeth at a young age. I'm 27 years old, and need to get many of my... READ MORE

How Much for Dental Implants?

Im suffering from some broken and decayed teeth. im in alot of pain and a swollen face. would it be better to just have my teeth pulled and what would... READ MORE

Isn't this implant too close to my natural tooth? (photos)

I love my dentist and I think he is doing his best but I have a feeling that this implant is too close to my natural tooth . Please see the picture !... READ MORE

Will dental implants reshape my face & give me my old facial structure back?

I'm 32 yrs old & have Sjogren's Syndrome which has lead to severe tooth decay & the loss of 3 teeth. I've noticed lately that the left side of my face... READ MORE

How many anchor teeth required for 3-pontic bridge?

My partner went to two dentists who proposed fixed bridges which differed in the number of anchor teeth required. Three pontics are to replace the... READ MORE

I got my tooth pulled 2-3 weeks ago, dentist never mentioned grafting, but should I get it done for my implant?

5-6 years ago I had a root canal on my bottom right hand side tooth, second to the back. My tooth was pulled 2-3 week ago because crown (with metal... READ MORE

Had a root canal, crown fell off. Now there is decay and I need surgery. What should I do?

I had a root canal 5 years ago. I didnt have insurance so i went to the first dentist that returned my call. i got the root canal and crown. 5 years... READ MORE

Can an impacted wisdom tooth be replaced with an implant at the correct angle?

36 male. I have a wisdom tooth that is quite decayed and was impacted, angled to the outside of the mouth and a flap of gum at the back of the lower,... READ MORE

If unable to get an implant right now, is it better to keep a bad tooth to preserve bone, or get it extracted?

I have a single-root tooth that broke at the gum line. It is dead, and presumably decaying further, but does not hurt and does not seem to be infected... READ MORE

Help! Desperate dental advice needed.

I need to have dental work done. One of my top Right teeth is decayed to nothing, I will need an implant or a Bridge and on the top left I have two... READ MORE

Can a severely decayed molar still get an implant?

The other problem is that the molar was impacted by a wisdom tooth, the molar did break past the gum line and said needed immediate extraction. He... READ MORE

Have several decayed teeth that I know will need to be pulled, should I go with single implants or all on 4?

I have decayed and broken teeth that will need removal cannot be salvaged. I have 3 molars in the back that will need this and as well as some in the... READ MORE

Can I have a bridge supported on one side by implants and the other on tooth structure?

I have recently had implants done on 12 &13 (14-16 dont exist) I have a front 6 unit Bridge and Crown with 8-9-10 spanned by tooth structure on... READ MORE

I'm 20, missing a few teeth due to decay. Aren't aligned, only front row healthy. Am I too young to remove them all or implants?

My teeth aren't aligned, missing a few due to cavity and almost every tooth needs to be restored except for the front READ MORE

Can my two front top implants that I was told have decay be causing a blood infection? (Photo)

I broke my two top front teeth when i was 12 im now 33. The dentist did a root canal on both and filed my teeth down to almost nothing and then placed... READ MORE

Can an impacted wisdom tooth be replaced with an implant at the correct angle?

Hi 36 male I have a decaying upper wisdom tooth that is impacted (points outwards) lower still has a flap of gum at the back due to the upper always... READ MORE

My two front teeth have been badly rotten for years. I want to replace them for new teeth. How much will the implant be?

I've had my upper central teeth ( two front teeth) badly rotten for years now. I wanted to make a change to That because a great smile is the best... READ MORE

Basal Implants / IHDE Implants, Advice Please..

I am a 28M considering dental implants as a lot of my teeth are severely decaying. I did some research on the topic and found that 'Permanent Teech in... READ MORE

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