Crooked + Dental Implants

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Implants or Braces? I Have a Bad Allignment.

I am 24 and have crooked teeth, I just requested to have my 4 top front teeth replaced and maybe my bottom 4 front as well! Or would braces be a... READ MORE

Replacing a Crooked Tooth Instead of Wearing Braces for Years?

Is this a possibility? According to my dentist my teeth are nearly perfect except for one... my upper left front tooth. There is no gap however it's... READ MORE

How Will Dental Implants Affect the Future Braces? (photo)

After years of suffering from bulimia, i'm finally paying the price with decaying teeth at a young age. I'm 27 years old, and need to get many of my... READ MORE

Had a Right Upper Molar Removed in the Army Years Ago. Have Been Noticing my Face Seems to Be Falling?

I haven't been able to afford implants yet... Plus the dr says there isn't enough bone to just add the implant, therefore adding more to the cost.... READ MORE

I am very interested in getting implants, I have an overbite and now have one tooth that has broken off at the gum line. (photo)

What procedure would you reccomend? I want beautiful smile and all of my front teeth upper and lower are ugly stained and crooked. I have tried... READ MORE

Can dental implants be placed in a small tight space and still look nice?

17 years ago a dentist extracted in my lower jar 2 perfectly healthy teeth 24 and 25 and placed a 4 unit bridge. I visited the dentist back then to... READ MORE

Crooked smile after 7 days of dental work is this normal? (photo)

I had a dental work 7 days ago and my smile is still crooked on the left side is lower then the right side. My Dr, replace my tooth with ceramic tooth... READ MORE

I had a dental implant and it looks crooked. I'm reluctant to have my crown placed seeing how crooked this is? (Photo)

I'm a 36 year old non smoker. This is my first major dental work, just a few cavaties. I had a botched filling which resulted in me needing an implant... READ MORE

I Have Two Upward Turned Teeth, My Dr Suggests Replacing Them, Good Decision?

I have two turned front teeth my doctor adviced to replac first four teeth and have a fixed artificial teeth is it good alternative of orignal teeth? READ MORE

Will dental implants reshape my face & give me my old facial structure back?

I'm 32 yrs old & have Sjogren's Syndrome which has lead to severe tooth decay & the loss of 3 teeth. I've noticed lately that the left side of my face... READ MORE

Can I Please Get Some Advice on What Kind of Treatment Would Work for Me?

I'm about to be seventeen years old, and I'd really like to get them fixed. I get bullied because of them too much and I'd really like to fix them as... READ MORE

Horrible Teeth...need Help?

I've seen relatives, brothers/sisters, cousins, etc, have bad teeth. I have overcrowding and crooked as well. I also have tons of root canals... READ MORE

What should I do? Get a dental implant after braces or before? (photos)

I got pushed into a dresser by my crazy step dad when i was younger n my right front tooth is now a dead tooth and discolored than the rest. I had no... READ MORE

Crooked canine next to congenitally missing lateral incisor. Is straightening the teeth before an implant necessary? (Photo)

I have a congenitally missing upper left lateral incisor, but the baby tooth is still present. However, it does protrude, and the canine adjacent to... READ MORE

Serious Dental Help: Badly Carious Milk Tooth in 31 year old adult with crooked teeth. Implant or Braces? X-Ray attached (Photo)

I am 31 year old living in Los Angeles. I haven't been to a dentist in a while and in my recent visit(a month ago) found out that I have carious milk... READ MORE

I have cross bit & TMJ. I have neck pain plus ear and jaw, and look crooked. Any suggestions? (photos)

My main concern is to stop the pain in my neck , ears and jaw and to stop my face moving more sideways. I am in my 40s and never had the chance to get... READ MORE

Have several decayed teeth that I know will need to be pulled, should I go with single implants or all on 4?

I have decayed and broken teeth that will need removal cannot be salvaged. I have 3 molars in the back that will need this and as well as some in the... READ MORE

What are my options if I am 22 and have only lost 7 teeth? I've been I can't have braces because of all my baby teeth

I'm 22 and have only lost 7 teeth so the rest are still baby teeth. It seems to run in one side of my family. I have crooked front teeth that I am so... READ MORE

Best course of action for aligned botton tooth/teeth, Implants or Veneers? (photos)

What would be the best procedure to fix my misaligned bottom tooth/teeth. My bottom set arent exactly the straightest but they dont bother me apart... READ MORE

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