Cracks + Dental Implants

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Can an Existing Female Inplant Where the Male Screw (Tooth) comes Loose, Be Repaired

Have had inplant for a number of years, but now the tooth comes loose and my dentist has to continually tighten the nut. Is there a procedure that can... READ MORE

What Addition Steps To Take For Dental Implants When I Have Lupus?

I currently have Lupus which is well managed by plaquinil with no steroid use, but with slightly elevated c reactive protein (inflammation).I need to... READ MORE

Molar Extraction and Implant Placement Recovery?

I recently cracked my 1st molar on the bottom that now needs to be extracted (previous root canal). There is no infection-it was an accident. I'm... READ MORE

#13 tooth has a root canal, no crown. Have discomfort around tooth in the sinus area.

One x-ray shows crack and another no crack. One dentist (crack) want extraction, bone craft and implant, the other (no crack) says sinus infection, I... READ MORE

Tooth extraction with a view to getting an implant. Should I go through NHS or a private practice for the extraction?

I am having to get a molar tooth (that has been previously root canaled) removed as it has cracked. My dentist has said that if I wish to replace it... READ MORE

Best Way Forward?

All on 4 implants placed in maxilla (7 years) and prosthesis has fractured twice and cracked 3 times necessitating the construction of another one.... READ MORE

Should I have to re pay full price for replacement dentures I received a top implant and they have cracked, chipped?

Total price paid $18,000 $9,000 to oral surgeon, and $9,000 to prosdontist As we speak they are loose, sore, one part sticks out, and they have fell... READ MORE

Is it ok to wait 2-3 weeks between getting an extraction, and getting a bone graft?

I have a tooth, #19, that is going to be extracted wednesday. I know that I need a dental implant and a bone graft first, but I need to wait a couple... READ MORE

I have broken my 3 year old dental implants. What can I do about it?

I had two implants done about three yrs ago. One of them keeps loose abutment screw. About 6 months ago, dentist found the implant was crackd (X ray)... READ MORE

I have many cracked at the jaw line rotted teeth on the lower jaw and no upper teeth. Can I still get implants?

I wore a bridge for decades (upper)...that and its teeth it was anchored to... are all gone...I want to know if anything can be done now for me...i am... READ MORE

I had a cracked inflected upper left 1st molar pulled a few days ago. Any suggestions?

I'm a 34 year old female. I am very upset and regret my decision to have this tooth pulled. My other teeth are healthy and I've always had a pretty... READ MORE

Phase 2 of implant issue. Is this a crack?

I had caps put on a week ago phase 2 of my implant surgery. I got a bang & one of the caps has a line in it from the centre hole. I'm wondering is... READ MORE

Should the implant specialist warranty the crown of an implant for cracking after 4 years of wear?

Non-smoker, do not ingest soft drinks, juice, alcohol or sugar. Wears bruxing plate nightly. READ MORE

My dental implant I had fitted 5-6 years ago has shown a small crack. This is a front tooth by the way.

My dental implant I had fitted 5-6 years ago has shown a small crack. This is a front tooth by the way. I also noticed something sharp and black... READ MORE

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