Cracks + Dental Implants

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Can an Existing Female Inplant Where the Male Screw (Tooth) comes Loose, Be Repaired

Have had inplant for a number of years, but now the tooth comes loose and my dentist has to continually tighten the nut. Is there a procedure that can... READ MORE

What Addition Steps To Take For Dental Implants When I Have Lupus?

I currently have Lupus which is well managed by plaquinil with no steroid use, but with slightly elevated c reactive protein (inflammation).I need to... READ MORE

Molar Extraction and Implant Placement Recovery?

I recently cracked my 1st molar on the bottom that now needs to be extracted (previous root canal). There is no infection-it was an accident. I'm... READ MORE

#13 tooth has a root canal, no crown. Have discomfort around tooth in the sinus area.

One x-ray shows crack and another no crack. One dentist (crack) want extraction, bone craft and implant, the other (no crack) says sinus infection, I... READ MORE

Tooth extraction with a view to getting an implant. Should I go through NHS or a private practice for the extraction?

I am having to get a molar tooth (that has been previously root canaled) removed as it has cracked. My dentist has said that if I wish to replace it... READ MORE

Best Way Forward?

All on 4 implants placed in maxilla (7 years) and prosthesis has fractured twice and cracked 3 times necessitating the construction of another one.... READ MORE

Bridge Complications vs Implant Complications; Best Choice?

I'm 20 yrs old. According to my dentist, I needed #19 extracted, huge abscess in lower left and had a crack in the tooth, that procedure is now done.... READ MORE

Should I have to re pay full price for replacement dentures I received a top implant and they have cracked, chipped?

Total price paid $18,000 $9,000 to oral surgeon, and $9,000 to prosdontist As we speak they are loose, sore, one part sticks out, and they have fell... READ MORE

What implant option do I have with severe bone loss?

The week of my 45th birthday my 11 year old permanent (?) (6 front teeth) upper bridge cracked horizontally across the front 4 teerh. And i know it is... READ MORE

I have broken my 3 year old dental implants. What can I do about it?

I had two implants done about three yrs ago. One of them keeps loose abutment screw. About 6 months ago, dentist found the implant was crackd (X ray)... READ MORE

I have many cracked at the jaw line rotted teeth on the lower jaw and no upper teeth. Can I still get implants?

I wore a bridge for decades (upper)...that and its teeth it was anchored to... are all gone...I want to know if anything can be done now for me...i am... READ MORE

Root canal or extraction?

One of my molars (2nd from the back - think #18?) had an old filling, but now it's cracked and 25-30% has chipped off. It's painful; food gets caught... READ MORE

I had a cracked inflected upper left 1st molar pulled a few days ago. Any suggestions?

I'm a 34 year old female. I am very upset and regret my decision to have this tooth pulled. My other teeth are healthy and I've always had a pretty... READ MORE

I have had two dental implants for two years without any issues.

I ate a nut and now it feels like one is loose - like a suction feeling when I eat on that side. Is it just the tooth part that would be loose or the... READ MORE

I need an implant on a lower molar. One day procedures Vs those over a few months? (photos)

How are the one day procedures different from the longer over a few months procedures? I don't have the money for an implant and I am reading that I... READ MORE

Phase 2 of implant issue. Is this a crack?

I had caps put on a week ago phase 2 of my implant surgery. I got a bang & one of the caps has a line in it from the centre hole. I'm wondering is... READ MORE

Abandon crown idea? Is implant the only real option? Crack in tooth they can't see?

Painful tooth w/deep filling. X-rays showed no infection, gums good. Temp filling. Pain continued. Did root canal, temp crown. Still painful.... READ MORE

Should the implant specialist warranty the crown of an implant for cracking after 4 years of wear?

Non-smoker, do not ingest soft drinks, juice, alcohol or sugar. Wears bruxing plate nightly. READ MORE

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