Complication + Dental Implants

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Dental Implants Problems - What's Common

I'm considering getting dental implants, but I'm worried about side effects and complications. I've heard that they can cause nerve damage and even... READ MORE

Are Implants Necessary To Replace both Teeth #18 and #19?

I have recently had teeth #18 and #19 pulled. If I were to get implants, is it necessary to have both teeth replaced? I was told that if a tooth on... READ MORE

What can I do to avoid the complications that I am having with my tooth implant?

I have had the screw come loose twice, and the screw break twice resulting in 4 separate visits to the Dr. over a two year period. The implanted tooth... READ MORE

Full Dental Implants - Are Failure Rates Higher?

I am scheduled for implant surgery in February and am getting really scared. They are doing a full implant, pulling all my upper teeth at once... READ MORE

One of my dental implants was fitted not vertically, but a bit at an angle.

This causes me some worries. Could this have future complications in any way? What impact can it have? When I start to bite on it, can the pressure on... READ MORE

I am scheduled for an implant 2 weeks after an extraction, complicated by dry socket. Should I wait?

I had an extraction of tooth #27 a week ago and developed dry socket 2 days later. I had seen the clot, but this dislodged through some athletic... READ MORE

Bridge Complications vs Implant Complications; Best Choice?

I'm 20 yrs old. According to my dentist, I needed #19 extracted, huge abscess in lower left and had a crack in the tooth, that procedure is now done.... READ MORE

I am considering implants or 4 on 1 implants. Is one option better then the other and why?

I have a very complicated case, most dentist wont even treat me. The cost is very expensive for either treatment so I want be sure I make the right... READ MORE

Is this a sign of a complication during the 1st part of my dental implant? (Photo)

I had the 1st part of a dental inplant dont on my upper 3rd tooth.Its been approximately 1 month after and i can see something visble protruding from... READ MORE

Will using a Tooth Positioner after dental implant surgery adversely affect osseointegration or cause any complications? (Photo)

I had a single dental implant completed a week ago while I was waiting for my Tooth Positioner to be made and delivered to my Orthodontist. As for the... READ MORE

What could be the cause of my complications during surgery?

I had to have Dental Implants and I had complications in surgery. I kept waking up and the anesthesiologist said he had to give me more and more... READ MORE

What causes sinus pressure, swelling jaw, tingling, and a headache after a crown was placed over a bone graft implant?

Crown was removed and i still have problems. Is this a failed implant or is the implant gone too far up towards my sinus, my doctor also did sinus up... READ MORE

I had bone add for an implant, tooth removed 20 yrs ago . It is 4 days now and I'm in unbearable pain. Is this a complication?

What type of complications may I be experiencing . Should I have them remove the bone they added ? READ MORE

What is effect of dental implant if pipeline embolism coil has been place in aneurysm of patient?

Last surgery added stint to coil in February 2013. Can my head stand the implant procedure and with what possible complications? READ MORE

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