Chipped Tooth + Dental Implants

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How Long Will the Dental Implant Bridge Last?

When I was 14, I had a bike accident and knocked out my two front teeth, and chipped a tooth next to one of my front teeth. I had to get two false... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Veneers VS. Dentures?

I spoke with a veneer lab and they told me that I had to have at least 4 existing teeth to be a candidate for the veneers.My top teeth are gone.There... READ MORE

What would be the cost of a molar tooth implant?

I have had a tooth canal done on my second to last molar years ago. My recent dentist told me it was not done properly and now that tooth is chipping.... READ MORE

Should I have to re pay full price for replacement dentures I received a top implant and they have cracked, chipped?

Total price paid $18,000 $9,000 to oral surgeon, and $9,000 to prosdontist As we speak they are loose, sore, one part sticks out, and they have fell... READ MORE

Does filing down a fake tooth make it more prone to chipping? (Photo)

I saw a dentist and he offered to file down a chip in my right front tooth that had been present for 7 years. The lower half of that tooth is fake... READ MORE

Age 46. Crowded and misaligned teeth. Would it still work?

I've had crowded teeth since teens. I thought I'd just live with it. Now in my 40s, due to misaligned teeth, some of the teeth are continuing to grow... READ MORE

Bonding on chipped implant available? And need a new post also. Just those two things. for now. (photos)

I have 2 implants on my front teeth. One of them popped off while i was using that flossing stick and yanked too hard. It chipped when it hit the... READ MORE

Can my natural teeth be used as dental implants or crowns? (photos)

Can my slightly chipped teeth be straightened with artificial enamel? I enjoy the overall apearance of my natural teeth. The bigger problem that... READ MORE

If I remove the bridge (instead capping only the 2 tiny teeth) can third molar push to close gap?

I have a extracted my lower first molar 22 years ago and have been wearing a bridge (covering lower 2nd molar to 2nd premolar) eversince. However,... READ MORE

Is it possible to surgically replace teeth that are chipped?

My two front teeth are chipped. Is it possible to extract them and replace them? READ MORE

My tooth is ankylosed and it has an internal resorption, How much will it cost to be completely replaced?

Its now chipping at the root, and the other day i damaged it by biting into a hard piece of bread, now it hurts, really really bad. When i went to the... READ MORE

Should I be get a new implant bridge? (photo)

Should I be get a new implant bridge or let them fix the chipped implant tooth that's part of the lower permanent implant bridge? Had... READ MORE

My upper front implant chipped off twice in 2 years. Dentist won't fix and warranty he said is just 1 yr. What to do?

He wants to do more implants on my molar but REFUSE to fix my front tooth issue. The chip is pretty large now making it very obvious and unpleasant.... READ MORE

Can an implant be chipped when braces are removed?

Had an implanted tooth & a root canal on another & the surgeon highly recommended an orthodontist to have the gap in betwn my 2 front teeth... READ MORE

#17, fake molar tooth chipped in half, what now?

Around 8 years ago I had two fake teeth inserted to replace my molars (in another country). But now it's chipped in half and it looks horrible. I... READ MORE

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