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Dental Implants 4 Years After Tooth Removal?

At 22 I had all 4 wisdom teeth extracted. 4 Years ago (age of 41), the dentist removed all four 2nd molars (so now 8 teeth are gone) as he said there... READ MORE

Can Dental Implants Restore Face Shape?

Following tooth loss (3 on one side) my cheek has started to sag,I have been told i need a sinus lift and three implants but i have had conflicting... READ MORE

How can I remove the "marble like" scar tissue inside my cheek after numerous periodontal surgeries?

After numerous surgeries (and complications) to repair a hole in my gum (after an implant) discovered by my dentist, I am now left with what my... READ MORE

After removing dental implant I'm having pain. Is this normal? How long will the pain last? (photos)

Pls help me. I just removed dental implant screw from my upper jaw front. Because implant very close next tooth root plus not enough bone. Now already... READ MORE

Will dental implants help restore my sunken upper cheek?

I am missing lower right #31 and my #2 upper tooth directly above is in bad shape and needs replacing. I have noticed a loss of volume around my right... READ MORE

I had 3 teeth implants put in but they hurt so much. It's been 6 months or more by now. Can they be removed?

They constantly hurt and my rite cheek burns at times and all around the rite side of my head and my ear READ MORE

Swollen cheek and pain after three implants.

Had three implants in lower jaw two days ago, now in pain, my cheek is swollen.I am taking a five day course of anti biotics.I thought implants were... READ MORE

How does a doctor determine if ones dental implant has failed?

Admittedly my oral surgeon placed my implant too close to my nerve causing at 1st complete deadness. Now, 19 months later, I have constant bees in my... READ MORE

Dental Implants and Sculptra Risks.

Im 36 & healthy. I have 4 vials of sculptra in my cheeks. 2 are 2yrs old and 2 are 1yr old. I'm replacing a root canal tooth with a dental implant... READ MORE

Do I need dental implants after removal of my right molars?

I recently removed my right molars, both #2 and #31. They are still healing and I'm doing research about dental implants and also reading stories... READ MORE

Months ago my porcelain crown fell off - infection risk while waiting for an implant?

Dentist said remaining tooth underneath crown was not substantial enough for hold. After months, the sharp nubs remaining of my tooth have... READ MORE

Throbbing pain and hard knot on cheek after tooth extraction and implant. (photo)

I had a tooth extracted 5 days ago and a screw inserted in the hole and packed with collagen. For the past 3 days my extraction site has been... READ MORE

Dental implant - immune reaction? Ankylosing spondylitis has gotten worse.

I got an titanium-zirconia implant 3 months ago. I have autoimmune disease (ankylosing spondylitis). My AS got worse noticeable since that time and... READ MORE

Upper teeth hybrid dentures or fixed bridges (no gum) on 6 implants. Which is better to plump the face or middle cheeks? (Photo)

I had a catastrophic orthodontic treatment over already bad teeth now all my top and bottom teeth have to be removed out, due to gum recession my... READ MORE

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