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Can You Get an Infection Under Your Teeth Implants?

I had 2 implants placed in the back of my mouth about 4 years ago. I have been noticing when I floss or touch the inside of my gums, it is very... READ MORE

The Screw in my Dental Implant Has Broken Twice, What's Causing This?

What might be causing this? My dentist and oral surgeon were able to get the first screw out and replace it and now a few years later it has happened... READ MORE

Why does my new molar implant keep getting infected? (Photo)

After bone graft + 9 mo healing I got a molar implant. 3 weeks of massive pain later, a boil formed. Dr. then replaced implant and put me on stronger... READ MORE

What could cause Insatiable pain and swelling 10 days after implant surgery?

Implants Replaced two molars on bottom right side.First two days after surgery-swelling but minimal pain.On 3rd day- insatiable pain that has remained... READ MORE

Dental implant: High pain even after 7 days of implant. Can you please let know the cause of pain? (Photo)

I got metal(Titanium) implanted 7 days ago. I had anti-biotics and pain killers for 4 days. I went to doctor yesterday and got stitches removed and he... READ MORE

Throbbing/discomfort in upper gum. Are my implants the cause?

Area around one of my upper teeth (second molar with mercury filling) has started pulsating and slightly tingling. Not painful, just irritating. Also... READ MORE

What could be causing my three year old implants to feel "uncomfortable"? (photos)

They are two implants on my front teeth (right and central and lateral incisor). The uncomfortable feeling has been happening for a week now. It... READ MORE

Dental implant pain. Why is this happening?

Have had implants for about 10 yrs.get reg cleanning& checkups.just had one 2wks ago.have been feeling pain for the last day or so.why would this be... READ MORE

Does dental implant cause acne? (Photos)

Am 25 i had a clear skin. met with accident 4 month ago n had my titanium dental implant. after two months of implants had small bumps on my forehead.... READ MORE

What would cause a dental implant to fracture?

The outermost 1/3 of a dental implant completely fractured, came loose and needed to be removed. The remaining 2/3 are still in the jaw. READ MORE

What caused space (halo) around implant?

New implant failed after only three weeks(x-ray showed "halo" around implant). Why this space? Got second graft, than will try second implant. What... READ MORE

What reason(s) could cause full upper mouth implant denture to pop loose from the abutments on the right side?

Full denture clips on to abutments in the upper mouth. The right side will pop loose when I bite down on anything that takes much pressure while... READ MORE

Average cost for implants to replace a complete set of dentures?

I have been wearing a complete upper and lower set of dentures (do not fit well) for about 8 years. I am interested in getting implants to replace... READ MORE

What causes gum soreness around dental implant? (Photo)

I've had an implant for almost 8 years (anterior lateral incisor). For several months the gum around the back of the implant has been sore. It's not... READ MORE

Implant rejection cause?

Question: Can a same-day implant be rejected due to too much pressure by surrounding teeth, also possibly making the screw loose? My dentist insists... READ MORE

Why did my implant turn white? (Photo)

I have an implant for my front tooth and I noticed that half of it has turned bright white over a matter of hours. What is the cause of this? READ MORE

What causes sinus pressure, swelling jaw, tingling, and a headache after a crown was placed over a bone graft implant?

Crown was removed and i still have problems. Is this a failed implant or is the implant gone too far up towards my sinus, my doctor also did sinus up... READ MORE

Can screw retained crowns be fitted on the upper front teeth in singles? Is it normal for the gums to bleed and swell? (Photo)

I have four single screw retained crowns fitted on four implant at the upper front of my mouth, but I'm not happy how they look, In 3 days after... READ MORE

Can an implant impinging on the nerve cause peri-implantitis? Is this their negligence in not treating the pain early? (Photo)

I had 2 lower right jaw implants January 26, 2016. I had numbness & pain, running along the nerve. I was told at my 2 week that the intense pain and... READ MORE

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