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I Have Had Dentures, Am I A Candidate For Dental Implants?

For about 3yrs, is it still possible for me to replace them with dental implants and it still look natural and also could bone loss be a problem. I am... READ MORE

Is It O.K. to Do a Dental Implant on a 17 Year Old Boy?

My 17 yo son was recently diagnosed with an external resorption of tooth #8 (idiopathic, no known hx of trauma). His dentist, peridontist, and recent... READ MORE

I Have a Tooth That Did Not Come In After Baby Tooth Was Pulled?

After I lost my baby tooth the tooth after it did not come down. I took an extra and the tooth is there. The tooth next to the empty spot is crooked.... READ MORE

Advice on Suggested Dental Crown Replacement with Implant?

In 2005 I had a crown fitted to a root canal treated front tooth but recently the crown became loose. At a dental exam I was advised not to have... READ MORE

Can Dental Implants Restore Face Shape?

Following tooth loss (3 on one side) my cheek has started to sag,I have been told i need a sinus lift and three implants but i have had conflicting... READ MORE

Can I Have Dental Implants with Two Artificial Knees?

Ive had two knee replacements done. Im 65. is it possible to have dental implants done after this surgery? READ MORE

Arch Expansion Without Dental Implants?

As a teen I had four premolars (two top, two bottom) removed before wearing braces, which worsened both my facial aesthetics and smile. After doing... READ MORE

Can bone grow back on its own?

I had loose teeth for 4 mo. 24 and 25. had bone loss cuz of this. then had extraction. will bone loss continue? does bone grow back? i wouldnt be a... READ MORE

Buccal Bone Loss - Can I Get an Implant?

I recenlty had a fractured tooth/root extracted #7. I was told I might not be able to get an implant due to buccal bone loss. I think he said I have... READ MORE

What Addition Steps To Take For Dental Implants When I Have Lupus?

I currently have Lupus which is well managed by plaquinil with no steroid use, but with slightly elevated c reactive protein (inflammation).I need to... READ MORE

Is it true that I am not a candidate for dental implants? I feel like a lost cause.

I am 31 yrs old and I was diagnose with a hereditary form of advance peritonitis or something like that. I had to get my two lower front teeth... READ MORE

Can Patients Elect for Dental Implants for Cosmetic Reasons?

If your teeth are not deemed 'hopeless' are there situations were you could still opt for dental implants to improve the aesthetics and... READ MORE

Titanium implants, plus hip and knee replacements: too much metal in my body?

I have a whole mouth full of implanted teeth using titanium as the base for the tooth, I also have bi-lateral hip replacements and a knee replacement.... READ MORE

Need advice regarding getting a dental implant prior to braces and lower jaw advancement surgery (Photo)

Hello All, I have a dramatic overbite and overjet. I've been to several orthos and they have all recommended surgery for my case but I also need one... READ MORE

Is a dental implant possible following a failed apicoectomy? / Failed apicoectomy options?

I am considering an apicoectomy on my mandibular central incisor, due to a failed root canal and abscess. I'd like to understand what would happen if... READ MORE

Can I Get Incisors Put In My Mouth?

I want wanting to know is it possible to have incisors surgically put in your mouth! READ MORE

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