Broken Tooth + Dental Implants

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Broken Teeth to the Gum Line?

I have quite a few teeth broken down to the gum line and I know they have to come out. I know that they all have to be extracted. After extraction... READ MORE

I Got a Dental Implant 5 Years Ago, and It Broke Off! What is my Recourse?

The implant is upper right, all the way in the back. Will I have to pay to have another one implanted? What is the warranty on these things? I... READ MORE

The Screw in my Dental Implant Has Broken Twice, What's Causing This?

What might be causing this? My dentist and oral surgeon were able to get the first screw out and replace it and now a few years later it has happened... READ MORE

Broken Tooth Implant? What Are My At-Home Options?

I had a tooth implant to break and now i cant afford to get it fixed. what can i do at home to repair if until i can save enough money to get it repaired? READ MORE

Need Implant on Front Tooth-worried About Matching Crowns and Real Tooth? (photo)

I broke my central and lateral incisor in 2005, had 2 root canals & 2 crowns.The tooth underneath the central crown broke, & I've had to... READ MORE

Broken Implant. How Did This Damage Occur? (photo)

I have a broken implant sustained when my former specialist tried to remove the screw. Can I have some opinions on the damage sustained and how it... READ MORE

My front teeth was broken in a game. How much does it cost for an implant? And how long will it take to fix it? (photos)

My front teeths was broken in a game i tried to fix my artificial teeth at local doctor that teeths was very big size if any possibiole to fix a small... READ MORE

Bone Loss and Immediate Implants?

A piece of my tooth broke off 4 months ago and I experienced no pain so i assumed I will be ok. But last week ago, I experienced pain in my tooth and... READ MORE

Anaesthetic to Remove Broken Dental Implant Abutment Screw?

Is it usual to be given a local anaesthetic to attempt to remove a broken dental implant abutment screw? Is it anticipated that there will be the... READ MORE

I am very interested in getting implants, I have an overbite and now have one tooth that has broken off at the gum line. (photo)

What procedure would you reccomend? I want beautiful smile and all of my front teeth upper and lower are ugly stained and crooked. I have tried... READ MORE

Replacing Bridge with Implants? (photo)

15 yrs ago I cracked my front tooth; the dentist extracted the tooth & then shaved down the 2 teeth on either side &created a bridge. My gum... READ MORE

How Much for Dental Implants?

Im suffering from some broken and decayed teeth. im in alot of pain and a swollen face. would it be better to just have my teeth pulled and what would... READ MORE

I need a dental implant, what kind of doctor should I see?

My front tooth broke and I had it extracted. I now need an implant. I have 2 consults this week. 1 with a periodontist, 1 with a oral surgeon. Who is... READ MORE

I need new tooth, what are my options? I have 4 front teeth crowns. (photo)

Last year my 3yr old knocked a tooth out.took the opportunity to save and buy 4 new ones because I never loved the originals anyway.It was a... READ MORE

What is the best way to fix congenitally missing laterals as well as correct two broken front teeth?

My daughter is going on 11 years old and is going through orthodontic treatment. She is missing both of her laterals. Recently she had an accident... READ MORE

I Underwent a Root Canal Retreatment Which Was Unsuccessful, What Are My Options?

The problem is that the molar next to my bad tooth is fractured and there seems to be infection in the root of that tooth as well, which would mean I... READ MORE

How long does implant take to have good look?

My sister (15 years old) have four upper teeth broken. She's going to take implants. How long does it take to get it ready? Not to be very done, but... READ MORE

Can I get implants for my whole mouth?

I have part dentures and Broken teeth from smoking in the past. Will I be able to get implants for my whole mouth to inprove my smile and to eat well... READ MORE

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